All-American 5k 6/21/15

Yesterday I said I’d be happy to break 27 minutes in this race. I didn’t account for this.  


Cool temps, yes, but that’s only because of the 100% chance of rain. I arrived at the start in Kirkwood a little after 7am and hung out in my car as long as I could.  

Then I walked to the Y and hung out under the awning as long as I could; until about 7:27am.  

It actually wasn’t too bad at this point. I walked through some light rain to line up at the start.  


Go races always start on time, so at 7:30am, we were off. I dodged people and puddles in the first mile as the rain picked up again. I also saw some lightning, which is normally something that would cause a delay/cancellation, but I guess since we were already running away they couldn’t really stop us. I finished mile 1 in 8:43. 

Mile 2 felt harder. Though this course is mostly downhill, there are some uphills.  


I took a walk break about 12 minutes in. The muscles on my shins were burning, I guess from the downhills? I just didn’t have the motivation to run. Plus it was absolutely pouring at this point. Everyone was soaked and I gave up dodging puddles and just ran through them.  Mile 2 took me 9:46. 

I walked a couple more times in the third mile, on stretches like this.  


I just wasn’t feeling it today. I kept telling myself that the faster I went, the sooner I could get dry, and that kept me from walking too long. Mile 3 in 10:21. 

The finish is in Webster. As I approached I saw some people I recognized from the training team which motivated me to push harder so I could pass them. I could also see the clock just hit 30:00 and knowing I crossed the start a little after 7:30am I pushed harder to break 30 minutes.  



Soaking wet. 

I did break 30 minutes though.  


Then I got all the free things.  

Custard at 8am? Yes please! And it was from a local place I’ve never tried before. I love that the Go races always have local stuff. 

I sat and watched the crowd for a while.  


My poor legs were becoming running popsicles.  Not a fan of wet feet. 


Wet everything actually. It was like I’d taken a shower.  


I’d thought about running back to the start but I was so chilly and it was still kind of raining so I decided against it. I caught one of the school bus shuttles back to my car and had a wonderful hot shower when I got home. 


2 responses to “All-American 5k 6/21/15

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  2. I’m proud of you for finishing! It doesn’t sound pleasant. Good job, Nor!

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