Summer Speedwork

My beloved Big River Running offers Summer Speedwork groups that meet once a week. This sounds awesome to me but they’re at night and I just can’t see myself working out at night anymore. So I programmed all the weekly workouts into my Garmin so I can do them on my own. 

The first week was repeats of 800m at 10k pace; yesterday morning I did the second workout, repeats of 1000m at 10k pace. Both times I chose a route that takes me to the stretch of the greenway along 55, so there’s less need to stop for traffic.  


I still had to stop a few times, but the great thing about running from 6am-7am is even if you approach intersections, a lot of times no one is there so you can just run across.   

Also, I really love intervals. I’m so focused on each small segment I end up getting a pretty sizable run in without realizing it.  

Left is last week; right is this week.

And I love how peaceful it is in the morning. The green grass and trees seem more lush than normal.  

I occasionally see other runners and walkers and I feel like we are sharing a secret, moving all over before the rest of the world wakes up. 

Last week I saw a mom with two daughters on the greenway. I thought it was so awesome that these two young girls were running before I used to get up when I was their age.  


Also of note; yesterday I found a bunch of feathers. It’s like something (a goose?) exploded.  


Today is a biking day. I’m taking extra care to be gentle to my legs the day after Speedwork. Work hard then recover. I think I’ve found a good balance. 


One response to “Summer Speedwork

  1. I’d like to improve my speed (who wouldn’t?) so maybe this is something I will look into.

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