Go! St. Louis Half Marathon 4/12/15

I ran my sixth half marathon this morning. It ended up being my third fastest but I think it was my favorite. The course was so great.

The race began at 7am so I met the training team at 6am. We did a 10 minute warm up jog and I got in line for the port a potties.

The calm before the storm.

It was a smart move using the ones on the north side furthest from the course. The ones next to the corrals had lines of people that looked to be at least 30 deep.

I don’t remember what I estimated my finish time to be but I was assigned corral G.

I’m wearing a headband, not a swim cap.

I suspected this was too far back for me and it was confirmed when I saw a 2:20 half marathon pacer in my corral. I was hoping for around 2:10, so I kept moving up until I saw a 10:07 minute mile pacer in corral D.

And of course I saw my SLU friend Jen, who I randomly run into at nearly every race. 

She’s in the pink, to the left of the guy in the blue 13.1 shirt.

The great thing about Go events is they’re always on time and there’s very little delay between corrals being released. At 7:05am I was off.

Thanks to Tracy for being such an awesome photographer.

We headed east to Illinois. (No big deal, just running to a different state.)

Goodbye Arch!

Hello Eads Bridge!

If you zoom in on the second picture you can see the red light of the pace car on the MLK Bridge. I could see the fastest runners already running back to Missouri. So cool!

Then we were in East St. Louis, which doesn’t have a great reputation, but it had some of the best crowd support. There was a group of supporters on the side of the road and I high fived about ten of them. And the mayor of East St. Louis was on the course, greeting people!

The people were fantastic; the city looked how I expected it to–run down in parts and a few shady looking businesses. I will say the buildings had a lot of character and it could be a nice area with some TLC. 

The place on the right has “live” entertainment. Not live entertainment, “live”.

Our time in ESL was brief and soon we were heading to the MLK bridge.

My training team friend Jenni is in the middle in the tank top.

I’m usually not a big fan of running in areas with a lot of concrete but it was pretty novel to run on the on ramps and other roads normally just for cars. 

And I loved all the views of the Arch.

Around this point it rained on us a little. But it was brief and I didn’t really care. I was on a bridge!

That braid gave me a beating most of the run.

Had my first Gu, Root Beer, at mile 4. Then we descended to the landing. I avoided cobblestone and observed desperate runners go under a chain link fence to use the port a potty at a construction site just ahead. 

This part of the course wasn’t the greatest but I understand they’ve got to find some ways to add mileage before taking us back to civilization. On our way back a priest from the church downtown was spraying people on Olive with holy water, as he does every year. I would have gotten some but I was afraid I’d burst into flames. Actually I was just on the wrong side of the street. 🙂

We ended up passing by the start of the race around mile 6 which was great for Tracy, who I was happy to see. 

I was still feeling great, as you can see, and zipped through this area aided by the great crowd support. Someone had a “touch this for power” sign and of course I touched it. One of my favorites. 

We headed south on Tucker and left on Chouteau, which is the way the Go races used to start. Going down Chouteau I saw a lot of the really speedy runners returning. 

As we turned right onto Broadway I saw these people. I think I went to SLU with the one on the right, nicknamed Maddog, so naturally I took her photo then ran away. 

At mile 8, I had a chocolate espresso Gu. Gross. Broadway is long and I’m not crazy about long straightaways. I was happy to have a distraction when I saw Shannon and Sarah from training team on the left. 

I caught up to them, said hi, and we discussed how we were going faster than planned. I was running 9:30 miles around this point. What?!

I pulled away and focused on my next distraction, the brewery in the distance. 

This is the reverse of how we entered the brewery grounds on the old course, and surprisingly hilly. 

We turned right and were greeted with more hills. 

But also a Clydesdale! Another high point of the course. 

Some people stopped to take photos with him but I didn’t load myself down like a horse with supplies in my waist pack just to stop, so on I went.

Leaving the brewery we encountered the fun drunken crowds of Soulard. I’m happy they were able to keep them part of the route. 

Then we went back down to Broadway. They were handing out chocolate at mile 11, which of course I took, but it was kind of hard to chew. I guess I’m used to my deliciously smooth Cadbury chocolate.

I saw the Arch from all four sides today. Great course.

Eventually we made it back to Tucker and mile 12. 

I reflected back to my half marathon PR a year and a half ago and how the last three miles felt like death. These last few miles were hard, but comfortably so. Although I was a little deflated when I could see the finish to the right but we had to pass it on Market before turning right and heading back after a block or so. When I see the finish I like to be running toward it.

When I was running toward it, I was able to break into a sprint at the very end and pass a whole group of people. Love doing that. I felt so happy to cross the finish. 

I collected all my free stuff and passed it to Tracy through the fence. So helpful. The medal looks like this:

Then I got my free beer and had to drink it at 9:15am because it did not come in a can. 

I love these Mylar blankets because I feel like a running super hero!

Here’s my splits according to my Garmin:

And my official results:


11 responses to “Go! St. Louis Half Marathon 4/12/15

  1. Great recap! It looks like you had a great time. I think changing the course up was a good idea. Makes it feel different. Gives you a little different view.
    I’ve never gotten my post race beer after any race. I should really do that.

    • I can’t resist free stuff. 🙂 I agree that changing the course was a good move–I didn’t care for the old course and a lot of my runner friends felt the same way. This new course is such a positive change.

  2. So cool! The course did look good. Congratulations! Very proud of you, as always!

  3. Congratulations, Nora! I can’t get over how many runners there were! Enjoyed your summary and Tracy’s great photos! 🙂

  4. Congrats on another half marathon. I’ve heard great things about this race.

  5. Yay congrats! You were having a great time and it shows in all of your pictures!! I LOVE running over bridges, the scenery looks awesome!

  6. I love seeing all of your photos! I wish I was as coordinated as you are to take pictures. Even though I did the same race some of it is a blur and your recap brings much of it back.
    Congratulations on such a good finish time too! You’ve really put in a lot of work after your injury and it really paid off!

    • Thanks! I take a lot of photos and only the best ones make it on here. I had to delete a lot of blurry photos. 🙂 I know what you mean about races being a blur. That’s one of the reasons I love blogging–it’s a scrapbook so I can remember what happened.
      Congrats to you too!

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