Half Marathon Training Week 13 – Solo Long Run

I haven’t done a solo long run in a while so I was not sure what to expect when I gave it a shot this morning. It was my last long run before my race next Sunday so I figured anything I could get out of my legs was fine. The fact I knew I had to be showered and dressed to leave the house by 10:45am was great motivation to keep a steady pace, which I did, although slightly faster than I normally run.

I always run faster than intended on runs by myself which is a big reason I do long runs with a pace group. Usually I burn out quickly and walk but this morning I only needed to stop when I wanted to take photos of all the wildlife I saw. 

Like highway 55 cat!

I did a double take when I saw this cat on the other side of the fence between the greenway and highway 55.

And later in Wilmore park I saw a giant crane. 

This was around mile 4 so I had my Gu. I’m going to have a Gu at mile 4 and 8 on race day and then have margarita Shot Bloks as needed after that. I like Gu but my goodness they get messy if you’re not careful. 

So I spent the next bit licking Gu off my fingers. 

Then I came across some sleeping ducks!

Wilmore park is really gorgeous, especially now, when nature is in bloom.

I left the park and headed to DuBourg high school to do a lap around the track. As I ran in front I saw a crow directly in my path. I tried to get close to take his picture but he flew away. 

And perched on a light post where crazy bird lady couldn’t get him. 

I told Tracy how cool this was and she looked disgusted and said “they’re filled with germs!” My response: “so are we!”

I finished my 8 miles feeling strong and happy. 

I’m really going to miss doing long runs on Sundays. After I got over my various illnesses long runs became really fun and relaxing for me. And the meals I enjoyed afterward were large and delicious. Today at Easter lunch I ate four types of animal (fried chicken, ham, roast beef, catfish), some veggies, two servings of mashed potatoes, half a roll, chocolate pie, then went back for a third serving of mashed potatoes. Dessert potatoes!

Starting the carbing process early. 

On the way home I had this monstrosity.

I should have known how this would go as I don’t like cucumber melon scented things and I don’t care for cucumber in water but if there’s a new and weird flavor of Gatorade I just have to try it. It smelled strongly of cucumber and tasted more like lime but also felt like drinking cucumbers. Oh well, it was an experience. 

Now to eat some Cadbury eggs (Easter has the best candy) and watch my beloved Cardinals. Taper time!


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training Week 13 – Solo Long Run

  1. Good luck to you on your race! You’ve been doing great at your training 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen ducks sleeping! Perks of being an early-morning runner, I guess! Good luck next Sunday!

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