Half Marathon Training Week 11 – Long Run

My half marathon is in three weeks and I’m feeling pretty prepared already. My plan called for 12-14 miles today but the route was around 13 miles so I went ahead and knocked out 13.1.

This week’s run was at Big River Running’s south city store, just a hop skip and a jump away from where we live. Aka, a couple miles away.

We left shortly after 7:30am and each pace group headed toward Tower Grove Park. The park was a nice respite from rough south city sidewalk and I don’t think I’ve been there since last year so it was nice to see an old friend. 

I was wearing my new amphipod belt. It was my first time running with the water bottles attached and I felt a bit like a pack mule. I had my phone, a Gu, some Shot Bloks, and the two water bottles on/in it. 

It got better as I drank some liquid and the bottles got lighter (and didn’t move nearly as much as the beginning). I consumed this gel with water from mile 4-4.5. 

It tasted like chocolate and cherry but also a bit like medicine. It may be 85% organic but the other 15% is pretty disgusting. Regardless, it did do the job. I felt very refreshed after taking it. 

We headed right on Tower Grove Avenue and around the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This part of the route was the best running surface. 

Somewhere around mile 8 I started eating margarita Shot Bloks, which I love because of the extra sodium. Salt helps me during and after long runs where I lose a ton of sodium in my sweat.

We circled Tillis Park and headed back to Big River Running.

I’m wearing a tank top! It got warm enough that wearing a tank top felt great (after about 8 miles). Goodbye winter!

After passing the store around mile 9.5 I continued on with three other runners. I was reminded of how sneaky hilly south city is. 

Up, down, up, down. It’s a challenge. 

We headed around Francis Park where we were treated to a real life Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Not 20 feet from the sidewalk a hawk swooped down and tried to capture a squirrel. The squirrel got away but the hawk just stood there on the ground like a statue. I don’t think I’ve ever been that close to a hawk. Then on the other side of the park a large black crow was flying around with what appeared to be a stick in his mouth but now I’m wondering if it was a long worm or snake. Eek. 

The birds provided a much needed distraction from the fact we were approaching mile 12 and it felt hard. Somehow I got myself up the last hill to BRR but when I saw my GPS at only about 12.60 I had to go out again. 

I ran around a couple blocks until I hit 13.1. When you’re that close you just have to. Then I enjoyed every bit of my walk back. 

Later at brunch with friends I enjoyed every bit of what I ordered. 

Bloody Caesar – a Bloody Mary with clam juice, pickle juice, and pink peppercorn. What a great recovery drink. 

Slinger – andouille sausage, potatoes, fried eggs, and sausage gravy over sourdough. 

I also enjoyed a lot of what Tracy ordered. French toast with carmelized bananas and nuts.

Post long run meals are truly the best. 


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training Week 11 – Long Run

  1. Yay, Nor! You look great–and so does the food!

  2. I’m soooo glad winter is giving up and it’s stating to feel more like spring outside! That french toast looks super yummy!

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