Starting a Morning Workout Routine Will Change You

Last night I went to bed thrilled to be able to sleep in this morning. Since I do long runs on Sunday, Saturdays are my one day to sleep in to whatever time I feel like. Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 5:45am. It was still completely dark so I decided to lay around some more. I did some reading and played some Candy Crush and contemplated taking a nap. (A nap before the sun is up!) I decided to make the most of the situation and got up around 7am. Now I’m drinking coffee while I wait for Old Navy and Costco to open. I never thought I’d condition my body to wake up before places of business are open, but here I am. I should also confess I went to sleep at around 9:30pm. I drank half a beer before realizing the warm bed was a lot more tempting than the beer. 

These days bed > beer. I dumped the beer and fell asleep almost immediately. Over eight hours sleep and ready to start my day before the sun is up. I have changed.


I skipped the gym Monday and “slept in” until 6:15am. I neglected to mention in my long run post that Saturday and Sunday was the first time I’d run on consecutive days in almost a year and a half. Not running on consecutive days was something I started after being diagnosed with a stress fracture in November 2013 and I guess I’ve been scared to deviate from that routine. I went ahead and Kool-Aid manned through that barrier with 15 miles in two days.

I did go on an easy walk with Leonard later that evening. Very light–often I was just standing there while he rolled around in the grass.


Up at 5:20 and at the gym about an hour later. Did some light biking and Grey’s Anatomy watching. 


Back to running. I don’t remember precisely what I did on the treadmill, but I generally start slow and finish fast, covering a wide variety of paces to make it interesting. 

Then I walked around the indoor track and stretched. I’m making more of an effort to stretch than I have in the past in order to keep my body feeling good and so far it is working. It’s nice to just take a few minutes to slow down, walk a little, and stretch everything out. It feels great plus it allows for time to appreciate the sunrise. 


For Thursday’s non running workout I decided to hit the pool.

It’s very easy for me to lose focus in the pool and randomly alternate lazily floating around with swimming as fast as I can, so I decided to set a conservative goal of 20 consistently swam laps. Consistent meaning slowing myself down so I could swim back and forth in the lap lanes the whole time while working on my form. Focusing on my form really helped me keep going and I ended up covering 46 laps in 30 minutes. That’s huge for me, a novice lap swimmer. I’m still pausing a few seconds at each end to catch my breath and reset myself (no flipping to turn at the end for me) but I think I’m definitely improving. And swimming really feels good on my legs.


My second run of the week. This is my normal routine–two runs during the week, one on the weekend. It works for me. My lungs are feeling so much better than a month ago. Now I’m back to not getting out of breath on runs and really being able to push the pace at the end. I started slower, per usual, but ended the last bit of this run at 7:30 min/mile pace.

And I ate my lunch at like 10:30am. Like I said, starting a morning workout routine will change you.

Today’s agenda consists of shopping and cleaning and eating. I need to stock up on carbs for tomorrow’s 13 mile run with the training team.

I’m excited about that route. I love a good South City run that showcases our beautiful parks.


One response to “Starting a Morning Workout Routine Will Change You

  1. Amazing! Yes, you have definitely changed! I am impressed not only with the early rising, but also with your lap swimming. You go!

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