Half Marathon Training Week 10

This week was another good one. I ran a few miles Monday, biked/planked at the gym Tuesday, ran a couple miles Thursday, and did the St. Patrick’s Day 5 Mile Run yesterday. Since that was a hard race effort, I planned to take today’s long run very easy and walk if my legs felt tired.

We started at Big River Running’s U City location.

We took a left on Delmar and immediately tackled a very steep hill. The shock of that initial hill made me feel like this would be a very short run for me, but I kept on since I generally need a mile or two before running feels good. 

After a couple miles on Delmar I was thankfully feeling just fine. We dodged lots of puddles and mud as we turned right on Skinker and headed between Forest Park and Wash U. 

It was around 40 degrees, so about 10 degrees cooler than my run yesterday, but it felt much warmer since the sun was out and there was very little wind. We turned right on Wydown and navigated the hills of Clayton. I felt stronger with each mile which is crazy since I raced a pretty hilly course just yesterday. I had a salted caramel Gu around mile 4. (Pretty good–caramel hit me first, then the salt. Not crazy about the texture of gels but I like the variety of flavors available.)

I’d planned to run 8 miles but as we returned to the store around mile 7 I decided to continue on with the people doing 10 miles. We headed up the hill on Delmar again. 

It got pretty warm after the miles began to add up and the sun continued to shine. My jacket’s sleeves aren’t long enough to tie around my waist so I just sucked it up and had a warm run. I had such a runner’s high from feeling so strong that I didn’t care. 

We ran around the corner so our Garmins could hit 10 miles. It’s a good thing all the runners I’ve run with agree this precision is important. :)

Done and happy.


3 responses to “Half Marathon Training Week 10

  1. You’re totally right about the precision is important! You’re not done until whichever tracking device you use reaches a whole number!

  2. Haha, I’m always running circles around my block to get that gps to roll over. My neighbors think I’m nuts. Nice job!!!

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