Training for a Spring Half Marathon in the Midwest is Hard

I’m currently training for my sixth half marathon, but only my second one in the spring. The last one I trained for was the Go! half in 2013, so I’d forgotten all the challenges of training in the winter/beginnings of spring. In 2013 I did an 8 mile long run on the treadmill to avoid rain, did another long run when it rained the entire time, and did another long run through slushy St. Louis streets because the sidewalks were still covered in snow.

During this training cycle my challenges have been illness and extreme cold. Last week I dealt with some snow and ice but the roads were clear enough that  driving to the long run site and running on the course was still possible. 

This morning, not so much.

I’d have to be in the middle of the road in order to run on a clear surface. No. 

I wasn’t planning on driving to Forest Park this morning for the long run anyway, but training team was cancelled, so I can sit at home with no regret about missing out. I do have the option of going to the gym to run, but getting out at all today doesn’t sound appealing.

Fortunately I already went to the gym three times this week, and two of those days I ran, successfully.

The left was on Tuesday and the right was on Friday. I walked to begin both runs and also walked at the end on Friday so I’m not sure what my true running pace was. To keep myself mentally engaged I started running at 5.0 and increased the speed by .1 every 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, and then the reverse. Small goals seem to be the key for me to keep running on the treadmill. I can warm up gradually and avoid thinking about the total time I will be running. Plus by the end I am going pretty fast, approaching 8 minute miles.

Writing about my treadmill successes almost makes me want to drive to the gym. But staying in our warm house is so cozy. We’re on a little hill which makes for a great vantage point to look at the snow.

I may just skip the long run and hit the treadmill tomorrow before work for a shorter run, not the 8 miles I was aiming for today. Next Sunday if the snow is gone I can try for 9. Given my lack of conditioning lately, that sounds nearly impossible, but all I can do is try. Like I said, training for a spring half marathon in the Midwest is hard.


2 responses to “Training for a Spring Half Marathon in the Midwest is Hard

  1. It is pretty though! when’s the half marathon?

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