Half Marathon Training Week 7 – Driving the Struggle Bus

Another week of training, another week I’m reminded of how difficult running can be.

Kind of a smile. Kind of.

My personal challenge seems to be getting all parts of my body to feel good at the same time. At the end of 2013 and into 2014 my lungs felt great but my lower right leg couldn’t take the intensity of the mileage I was asking it to run = stress fracture. At the end of last year I was rarely feeling pain on the stress fracture site and again my lungs were all go! go! go! but then my left knee started hurting. And now I’m happy to report I don’t feel pain in either of those places but unfortunately my lungs aren’t interested in running more than a couple miles continuously on most runs. I know I need to build up endurance after my bout with bronchitis but getting there sucks. I can see why many people avoid running–training your body physically and mentally to go farther is so hard at the beginning. It’s a lot easier to lay around all day, which I did yesterday, and Leonard does most days.


Fortunately I have a good perspective on all this. I’m running/walking the miles I need for my half marathon training (3-4 miles twice during the week; 6+ on Sunday) so I know I’ll be able to cover the distance, and doing it this way will allow my body to get stronger gradually until I can handle more. More meaning running continuously–I don’t have any pace goals at this point. I do have a goal race however! The Go! half marathon on April 12th. I’ve run this once before but this year they have an all new course covering two states!


I’m very excited to go over two bridges as well. Running, walking, whatever– this course looks fun.

Not so fun, today’s long run. The temps were in the 20s (heat wave!) but there was snow on the ground, much of which had melted and refrozen into random icy patches on the 8 mile route from U City through Clayton to Forest Park and back. It was quite precarious in spots and very hilly. After about a mile and a half I began walking/drinking Gatorade/blowing my nose. We were on a long stretch on Wydown which allowed me to keep my 10:30-11 pace group in my sights.


I maintained a run/walk mix and thanks to traffic lights and me running at a pace in the 9s when I ran (no idea what I was doing), I caught them several times. That fast pace for less than a mile felt easier than running at 11 pace for more than a mile. I have some endurance work to do.

We returned to Big River Running the same way we went out, and I was so glad to be going down this hill rather than up.


I was also glad to turn the corner and see Big River Running, the end of my route. I was walking at that point but broke into a run when I saw our unofficial training team photographer on the corner.


If only there were photographers along the entire route. I’d never stop. 🙂


Finished just under 8 miles and considering how much I walked, I’m thrilled with the pace I ended up with.



5 responses to “Half Marathon Training Week 7 – Driving the Struggle Bus

  1. I guess that bronchitis did a number on you. Have you tried just slow, deep breathing once in a while? I’m not an expert though.

  2. I’d be proud of that time if I were you! Coming back from bronchitis has got to be awful. I had a chest cold right before a race, and that was miserable enough.
    I love your training posts. They definitely give me the itch to sign up for another race. I think I’ll start scoping them out when I can get to five total miles run/walk. I don’t trust my body just yet. Also, I’m a huge chicken.

    • Thanks! I love being in a training routine but it has definitely been an adjustment process getting back to it after bronchitis. Comparing what I’m doing now to what I’ve been healthy enough to do in the past is not realistic, so I’m trying not to do that.

  3. I signed up for Go! also. 🙂 I did the half last year so I signed up for the full year. I’m excited about this new (flatter!) route and not having to deal with Holy Hill!

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