Half Marathon Training Week 2 – No Running

My second week of training is in the books! Here’s how it went down:

Monday: Got up at 5:30am again to go to the gym before work. Felt pretty sore from Sunday’s long run so I was very happy to do some strength exercises and get on the stationary bike. It feels great to do non running movements the day after running.



That night I was still feeling pretty sore all over so before I went to bed I decided to skip the gym the next morning and get back to it Wednesday. I figured my body needed the rest more than the routine. My intuition proved spot on as I woke up several times Monday night; freezing for most of the night but waking up completely sweaty. I ached all over and had a killer sore throat. It occurred to me that what I thought was long run soreness may have actually been the onset of the flu.


My body was still ready to get up at 5:30am Tuesday but instead of the gym, I went directly to work at 6am. I needed to finish a couple things that had to get done, especially if I was about to be out sick. This sounds kind of nuts but my plan was twofold: 1) I couldn’t get in to see a doctor that early anyway so I may as well do something productive with my time and 2) Getting to the office before other coworkers would be a way to avoid getting them sick.

I worked from 6am-8am then headed to a Walgreen’s clinic. Regardless of the diagnosis I planned to stay home because I felt like a zombie, but once the nurse took my temperature and it read 103 there was no doubt. I can’t ever remember having a temp that high. Something was going on, but I tested negative for the flu and strep so the nurse practitioner was stumped. She said when the flu is this prevalent it is possible to have the flu and test negative, but I got an official diagnosis of a sinus infection, went home with antibiotics, ibuprofen, and Mucinex, and went to bed.

Bud took over my care at that point (he turns 23 in a few months!).


I started feeling better later in the evening but still had very little energy. Watching Weeds and playing Candy Crush Soda Saga is how I spent my time.

The good thing about being sick is you can rest and rest without feeling guilty for not doing other things. All week I slept about 10 hours a night and also took a nap with the help of my nap assistant.


Toward the end of the week my symptoms changed from achiness and intense sore throat to coughing, which is what I’ve got going on now. I think that means whatever was in my body is almost completely out, as I tend to cough at the end of illness. I’m getting pretty restless–I haven’t left the house since Tuesday–so I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal routine. I should be able to resume exercising tomorrow or Tuesday, when I go back to work.

I have friends and coworkers who tried to push through recent illness and their symptoms dragged on for a long time, so I’m hoping this extended rest takes care of my symptoms for good. I think my body will be much better off for receiving all this rest, although this guy will certainly miss me during the day.



3 responses to “Half Marathon Training Week 2 – No Running

  1. That’s very cute. I really hope you’re on the mend!

  2. Ugh. Sounds like you had an awful week, but you are so correct about rest. I hope you’re feeling better and next week is much better for you.

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