Half Marathon Training Week 1 – Long Run

This morning was the first Big River Running Training Team long run. I’ve never participated in the spring training team before, only the much warmer fall training team, so I had some cold weather wardrobe decisions to make. It was around 30 degrees at 7:30am, so this is what I went with.


I had another cotton shirt on top of the purple hoodie but I ditched it when I got to Forest Park. I was a little chilly at first but once we started moving it was perfect.

Especially great was this thing, a Saucony balaclava my mom gave me for Christmas.


I wore it bank robber style, face fully covered, to begin with. The part covering my mouth and nose is thinner so breathing is possible. Later in the run I pushed that part down because I was pretty warm. Love that flexibility.

I ran with the 10:30-11 pace group.


We headed west on the outer path, taking the gravel path whenever possible to avoid slick spots on the paved path.


During fall training team I bailed on the endless hill south on Skinker and walked back; this year I breathed through it and conquered it. And since I was feeling good, I continued on the outer path to do the full loop. I was happy with that decision as the lakes on the east side of the park were frozen and gorgeous.



I was thinking the rest of the path was flat after this point, but apparently the gravel path is hillier than the paved one.


But today the hills were no problem, and I ran the whole loop without any discomfort.



I loved this cold weather run. I’ll be sticking to the treadmill during the week because of reduced daylight, but now I’ll embrace running in the cold on Sundays. 🙂


6 responses to “Half Marathon Training Week 1 – Long Run

  1. I love running in the cold! But cold in Texas is not nearly as cold it’s been in most of the country.

  2. I HATE the cold. HATE!

  3. Nice run! So glad the balaclava is working out. (Why is it called that?)

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