A Rainy Long Run

Hello again! I haven’t had much to say lately, but I have been running, sometimes outside, sometimes on the treadmill. My current issue with the treadmill is the only way I can make it interesting is to increase the speed every minute or so, which results in pretty fast running at the end of each run. Like, in the 8 minute mile range, which is really fast for me. That’s fun but I want to continue to be cautious and avoid the too much too soon trap that resulted in my stress fracture. So I’m going to make an effort to limit how often I run at my threshold going forward.

My main injury prevention technique is listening to my body and not running again until I’m totally recovered from the last run. I wanted to do a long run yesterday, but my left knee was a little sore, so I rested instead.

I felt good this morning which meant today was the day for my long run, even though outside looked like this.


Rain throughout my run. It was light at the beginning, which I kind of liked. I know the birds liked it.



I stayed on the River Des Peres Greenway longer than I planned because it was so peaceful and it’s nice to run a route where I don’t have to stop much for traffic.


My pacing was all over the place. I had to keep telling myself to slow down; to not run as fast as I’m capable of. I’m out of the habit of long runs and I’m used to doing them with a group who keeps my pace reigned in so the pacing was a challenge. The run itself felt good. On shorter runs I’m usually preoccupied with how many miles I have left and how fast I can do them, but since this was a long run I enjoyed each step, knowing the run in total was the goal.

I turned right on Chippewa where there’s a long rolling hill. I felt a twinge in my knee so I decided to walk the hill until I got stopped at a light.


Then I ran again, passing Ted Drewes, home of my favorite frozen custard. I have a habit of running past places that sell things I want to eat.


I turned back toward Francis park, and had to walk a bit once I got to the other side of the park. My breathing was great but the knee felt off, so I walked, which felt fine. I finished up my route running and felt good, so hopefully this knee thing is a random discomfort that will go away with rest.

As I said, my pacing was all over the place, but I did end up averaging the pace I was going for–10:30-11 minute miles.


My run ended at our friend Jerry’s house because I needed to let out his dogs and check on his cats.

Cat party!


I was soaking wet at this point and my hands and feet were freezing, but I still had to get home. I did a combination run/walk for that mile or so, telling myself the sooner I got home, the sooner I could get dry and warm.


This was my first time running in a hat and I was so happy to have it. The bill kept the rain out of my face, and it was pouring at the end.

I’ve got a 5k on Thanksgiving and a 15k in less than a month, which is why long runs are back in my life. I think rest will be my priority until the 5k.


9 responses to “A Rainy Long Run

  1. Very smart to listen to your body. It’s hard to do that sometimes.
    I started wearing a visor when a race had called for rain. I ended up loving it, and wear them on any long runs. Keeps the sweat and sun out of my eyes! Good luck at the 5k and have fun!

  2. Cat party! WOOT WOOT!

  3. Good post! Words I liked: caution, rest, good, birds, peaceful, walk, run, dry and warm.
    5K on Thanksgiving? Burning off the calories before dinner? Good idea!

  4. p.s. Love the birds in the puddles!

  5. There’s something about running in the rain, when it’s not freezing cold, that is peaceful. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that no one else is out running. Good job getting out there and good luck on your 5k (turkey trot?) and 15k.

    • I did see a few people out running but not many–it felt like I had the world to myself and it was so peaceful, like you said.
      Yep, a turkey trot. It’s called The Hungry Turkey.

  6. I find it difficult to start a run if it is already raining but once I get out there it is great running in the rain. I get my cap on (to keep the rain off my specs) and my trusty running jacket. Having a jacket on is good because I can use the pockets to stuff in energy snacks when on a long run.

    • I’ve been thinking I need a good lightweight running jacket. I had a good rain jacket but it’s too warm to run in. I agree about getting started–I had to force myself out of my warm dry house and into the rain! But once I was in it I felt like a kid again, playing in the rain. 🙂

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