What I Read in September

“The Girlfriend”, Abigail Barnette

This is the second book in The Boss series I started last month. Most of this book revolves around Neil having cancer and Sophie doing her best to take care of him. I’ve got to say, that was a welcome change from all the sex that was in the first book. This one has plenty of sex, too, but the cancer plot line gave the book more depth.

“Ramona and Her Father”, Beverly Cleary


I checked this out from the library when I wrote about the ten books that changed my life. Turns out, I couldn’t remember the details of why it changed me exactly. Since it’s a kids book, it’s a quick read; maybe a couple hundred pages with big font and pictures. I felt really happy while reading it one morning. Cleary really captures the frustrations of being a kid and how often things don’t seem fair. Ramona’s family doesn’t have a lot of money and this causes stress. In one memorable scene her mom does her best to make Ramona a sheep costume for a church play, but in Ramona’s eyes it pales in comparison to the costumes the other two sheep have. She’s upset until she gets a couple older girls to use eye makeup to make her a black sheep’s nose, and then she’s delighted. Cleary is great at showing that things can be challenging but they will always be ok.

“The Bride”, Abigail Barnette

The third in The Boss series. Started kind of slow for me but then picked up when Sophie has conflicts with her best friend and the mother of Neil’s adult child, who hates her. Oh, and a characteristic of Neil’s that takes a more prominent role in the book is the fact he identifies as bisexual. Neil and Sophie have a very progressive relationship and Neil gets to get in touch with that side of himself in this book. I like that the author made Neil bisexual and not Sophie. Too often bisexuality is treated like something girls do to turn men on, so I’m glad Barnette deliberately avoided that cliche.


4 responses to “What I Read in September

  1. I love it that you read some Ramona! She is a feisty one!

  2. There are a lot of really good children’s books! (May you stay forever young.)
    Gearing up for Sunday? Good luck, and can’t wait to hear about it!

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