Last Long Run Before Racing!

This morning was my last long run before next Sunday’s Mo’ Cowbell half marathon.

I did some serious carbing up yesterday–one pizza and one large hot fudge sundae, check.


Due to some scheduling conflicts I only ran one other time this week, on Wednesday. Because of that and the fact I had a subpar long run last week, I really wanted to get in another double digit run. Fortunately 9 of the 10 people in my pace group were doing the 10 mile route.


We went down Delmar and Skinker, with a short break by Wash U to wait for the other part of our pace group that got stopped at the light.


Then we went down Forsyth and around Shaw park which was exciting for me because I’ve never run there. I was also excited to run on the greenway along highway 170. I’ve seen it before while driving on 170 but have no reason to be on it otherwise, so I was glad our route took us there.


We ran on the greenway to Olive and doubled back to Delmar, where we encountered one of the biggest hills I’ve ever run over.


I kept chowing down on these to keep my energy level up.


It worked–I successfully made it 10 miles with my group, only stopping for traffic.


It was a lot more hot and humid than I was expecting so I was ready to hydrate.


Speaking of hydration, a while back I read an article about athletes drinking pickle juice. Something like this one. And I’ve heard of the importance of replenishing salt in the body. So…


No, I didn’t drink all that today. I could say I’ve consumed it before strictly for health benefits, but the truth is I love pickles and most vinegar based products. But today it was more delicious than ever. And I’m feeling pretty good now; I don’t have a headache like I normally do. So maybe there’s something to it.


6 responses to “Last Long Run Before Racing!

  1. Good luck next weekend in St. Charles!

  2. Good luck next weekend! I’ll be running too! 🙂

  3. Carb loading is my favorite thing leading up to race day. Now that you mentioned the pickle juice, I remember by brothers chugging in after two a day practices in the summer back in high school. Think I’ll give it a try. I love all things vinegar too.
    Good luck next weekend and have a blast!

    • I think my Sunday recovery was the best of this training cycle. My legs felt fresh that night. I’ll have to try it again to be sure but for now I am giving credit to pickle juice. And I’m fully enjoying this week of carb loading. Thanks!

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