Training Team Run #10 – Double Digit Mileage!

Today’s long run took place at Creve Coeur Park. I was excited because that’s been on my running to do list for a while, but I’d never made it out there before today.

The reason I haven’t made it out there is it’s a bit of a drive for me. I left at 6am to make sure I’d get there before 7. It was dark and cold!



I arrived around 6:40am. Love the lack of traffic that early. Meghan told us we’d be altering our route to avoid a cancer fundraiser, which was fine since it was all new to me.


I was really looking forward to the views of the lake.

Hello? Lake?

We lined up in our pace groups and headed out.



The course was mostly flat, which was nice, and though I was freezing at the start, I eventually warmed up and loved the temperature. Running when it’s in the 40s is so refreshing.

As I said, the course was mostly flat, but approaching 5 miles we had to cross a bridge.



I love that the guy in front of me was wearing a shirt that said to the summit because that’s what we did.


I do love running across bridges, and this one was by far the longest and tallest I’ve run across.




After crossing that bridge we ran until we hit 5 miles and the majority of us turned back. I was still feeling really great. My long sleeve shirt covered my Garmin and I didn’t look at our pace once. I just listened for the beeps signifying another mile down. After 5 miles, going back seemed easy, just thinking about the remaining miles to do. 2 and 3 miles seem like nothing at that point.

My group finished our 10 and I felt stronger than ever–I felt like I could have sprinted the last mile or kept going. I’ve missed that feeling.


And the lake made an appearance!



Here’s our route, although it was hard to see much of anything because of the fog.


Time to relax and recover!


4 responses to “Training Team Run #10 – Double Digit Mileage!

  1. Wow, foggy! But it sounds like a really nice run for you! Great!
    The bridge looks so cool.

  2. Way to go! Looks like a great place to run! And with some good peeps.

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