A Windy Run

Apparently my runs this week are sponsored by the four elements. Wednesday was water and tonight was air, more specifically, wind.


It was only around 60 anyway and this wind made me feel like we were deep into fall. It also reminded me of half marathon weather, which got me a little excited. I want to sign up for a longer distance race and I’m leaning toward a half marathon. I’m going to see how this week’s long run goes and then decide.

Tonight I ran to SLU from my office, which is less than a mile away. I saw the track was free and decided to attempt speed work–one slower lap a around the track, one faster, three times.

It went really well!


I am loving this cooler weather.


I’d assumed the track was a quarter mile around but apparently it’s a third of a mile. I didn’t realize that was a thing.

Oh, as an aside, the track goes around the soccer field. The Billikens play there and are usually very good. I may have drunkenly shouted “they’re nationally ranked!” as my friends and I saw a bunch of the players at a bar on my 21st birthday.

Running around a track can get boring, so it was nice to reminisce as I looked at familiar sights.

College church is in the back on the left. Didn’t spend a lot of time there. To the right of it is the dorm where my mom lived when she went to SLU. When I was in school it was housing for priests. I visited one of my teachers there to discuss books for his class.


Marchetti Towers are in the background. I spent junior and senior year there. The on campus apartment made me feel like an adult for the first time. Well, as adult as one can feel eating mac ‘n cheese and spaghetti for most meals.

Next run on the agenda is a 9-10 mile long run Sunday! Then eating and drinking everything.


One response to “A Windy Run

  1. Nice memories for me, too!

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