A Perfect Pace Run

Today’s training team run was a pace run at Grant’s Trail. I woke up to wonderful conditions.


I was actually chilly in my shorts and t-shirt during the one mile warm up run and I could even see my breath–crazy considering last week I was soaked in sweat. Not complaining!

After the one mile warm up run I left with the 10:00/mile pace group, which was giant.



I’m loosely following a beginner’s half marathon program (less running required) and that called for five miles at race pace. But I’ve run four half marathons so really I’m just doing what I want and listening to how my body feels. Today it felt great, so I kept running past the 2.5 mile mark. Recently I’ve been wanting to stop after a mile or two and I’ve been walking during almost all my runs but today I was reminded why I love running and wanted to keep going. At some point after the 3-3.5 mile marker the group thinned some more.



I’ve biked the entire 8 mile (one way) Grant’s trail but I’ve never run this far on it, so I enjoyed running past new stuff. At the 4 mile marker I realized our pacers weren’t turning around but I knew I should since I had 4 miles to run back. I ended up with four other people, none of them official pacers. Apparently they were feeling as good as I was because our 10:00 group started running 9:45 miles. I hung with them but at some point around mile 7 I let them run ahead. I think they were approaching 9:00 miles, which is not where I’m at right now.


The great news is excluding a few necessary stops for traffic, I ran the whole time! No walking, plus running much faster than normal–I am really proud of this run.




5 responses to “A Perfect Pace Run

  1. Congrats on running the whole way with no walking. You should be proud 🙂

  2. I agree! It sound like a great day!

  3. Beautiful! This is the time of year I start to fall back in love with running.

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