Longest Run of 2014!

This morning’s Big River Running Training Team long run started from Kirkwood Park.


I was excited to run in a relatively new area to me. I did do a 5k through Kirkwood last year but that’s it. That 5k, The All American 5k, was great because it was nearly all downhill. The first half of our run this morning was similar, and I was in a very “I love running!” state of mind. I wasn’t even out of breath after two miles. Things were great. Hot and humid, but great.

After four miles we turned back. While we were on a different street for part of the time, the elevation was still basically the reverse of what we just did. Lots of uphills. I was able to breathe through them and recover on the occasional downhills.



At some point around 6.2 miles I couldn’t get my mind to stop thinking of the fact that I was surpassing the furthest I’ve run this year. And every time we got over a hill it seemed there was another one soon after.


So I walked. The route was 8 miles total and I knew I’d be on my feet for the whole thing so I decided not to obsess about the fact that not nearly mile would be running. Ellie, one of the 10:30-11 minute mile group pacers, stopped to walk with me. She said she didn’t want to leave anyone behind, which was so nice. I’m pretty sure I heard her say her plan was to run 15 miles today and I contemplated how horrid that sounded as we walked uphill. After some Gatorade I was ready to run again, and did for a few minutes until we saw someone else from our group walking. That’s all I needed to see to say “I’ll walk with you!” We kept a quick pace so the group was still within our sights and eventually ran again. Then we ran into Ellie’s husband Ryan, who was walking, and the four of us walked together a while. It was nice. At some point we got it into gear again and ran. Soon after, I walked. It is so difficult to run continuously after the first time you allow yourself to walk. I’m guessing I did this back and forth for about a mile, because as I walked Ellie and Ryan ran up behind me and Ellie said “only .8 more to go! You’re doing great!” which was just the motivation I needed. I ran the remainder of the course and a little bit into the park to finish with 8 miles exactly.


It’s unreal how covered in sweat I got. I could barely operate my phone because every part of my skin was wet. There were like two inches of clothing on me not completely soaked through, and I used that to wipe off my fingers.


I toweled off, changed my shirt, and went home. I showered and consumed a large smoothie filled with as much of our CostCo bag of spinach as I could cram into it. Those giant bags always end up being a mistake–it’s nearly impossible to eat that much spinach. Anyway, after almost an hour and a half of running, my stomach is still in bottomless pit mode, so I am about to eat this.

Tracy is the best ever and got this for me from Sweetie Pie’s. So delicious.


4 responses to “Longest Run of 2014!

  1. Walking and running, good job!

  2. The food looks delicious!
    Excellent job on the run!! You’re doing a great job. I’m a big supporter of walking hills (or any time needed, really). Having others there to motivate you has to be a huge help. Keep it up!

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