Big River Running Training Team Long Run #7

This morning’s long run was moved from 7am to 6:30am because it’s been around 100 degrees recently. Even at 6am it was in the 80s.


And it was still dark when I left the house.


Our meeting place was Big River Running’s U City store. I’d never been to this location, but per usual, it’s very nice. Before we broke off into our pace groups Megan advised people to run on the low end of their mileage, carry water, and walk if we felt dizzy or nauseated.


I ran with Gatorade. We headed east along Delmar through the Loop, which was not crowded for once because it was before 7am. Then we headed south toward Wash U and back west on Forsyth. My 10:30-11 minute mile group was running closer to 11 minute miles, which was fine with me. I saw some people walking but I was able to keep chugging along, despite all the hills I’m certain I’d have walked if I was alone.

Around 4 miles the craziest thing happened–I actually felt stronger even as we were going up all the hills in Clayton. Another girl and I ran slightly ahead of our pace group and then I broke ahead even more and caught the 10-10:30 group. I tagged along the end of their group as we went north on Meramec.



When we reached the store we’d only gone 5.50 miles so I kept running with a few other people until I’d covered six miles.


Unlike last week’s pace run where I struggled the last 1.5 miles on flat ground, this week I felt strong at the end and was speedier as I went along.


Back at Big River Running I filled up my water bottle twice and let as much sweat fall off of me as possible.


That shirt was totally soaked through. I brought a replacement to change into and a towel to sit on, which helped. The other thing that helped was the cooler of watermelon someone brought.


That watermelon was so satisfying. They’re good to us at Big River Running!


2 responses to “Big River Running Training Team Long Run #7

  1. Nice! And I’m glad you didn’t faint!

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