Another Humid Long Run

This morning’s Big River Running Training Team long run #3 was at the Katy Trail in St. Charles. I left around 6:25am to make sure I got there by 7. The good thing was there was very little traffic!


I got there right before 7am and a good crowd had already formed.


This was a large crowd for a run in St. Charles (I think most people are city people) and on a morning where it was already 83 degrees with 70% humidity. Wet blanket territory.

Megan stressed the importance of hydration and divided us into our pace groups.


The good thing about the Katy trail is it’s flat; the bad thing is it’s an out and back. Our pace group leader said she’d go 3 out then 3 back and people could go back out with her if they needed to do more than 6 miles. (Not me.)


There was some shade and occasionally a nice breeze off the Missouri River but a lot of the run was in the sun and hot. I did a lot better than two weeks ago when it was super hot; I did not feel nauseated and I did not need to stop. Yay! But I did feel like I was being baked in an oven. But my breathing was good, so that’s something.


I finished my six and began the toweling off and rehydrating process.


And then I headed back to my side of the river.


Last week I ran a total of 14 miles and this week I ran 13. That’s a lot for me lately. I’ve been feeling a twinge of pain in my leg here and there; today it disappeared after 3 miles. I may dial down the mileage this week, depending on how I recover from today’s run. This is a learning process!


One response to “Another Humid Long Run

  1. Nice, way to go! Looks like a great place to run. Speaking of which – we have a Katy Trail here too! Very popular place for runners!

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