A Successful Six Miles

What a difference a week makes. After last week’s disaster long run I decided to make some changes this week.

  • My breakfast. Last week I ate my normal giant bowl of Cheerios plus added a banana. This week I just ate the banana, which has been my pre long meal for years.
  • Coffee. I don’t think I’ve ever had coffee before a long run. But last week I felt half asleep when the run began so I decided to try coffee today.
  • Slower pace group. Last week I ran with the 10-10:30 pace group; this week I tried the 10:30-11 group.
  • The most helpful change, however, was the temperature.


    It felt so good I was second guessing my decision to slow my pace, but I decided to force myself to slow down since I’ve already run eight miles this week.


    They broke us into pace groups and off went. There was a kid in our group of 20-30. I’m terrible at estimating kids’ ages, so he was anywhere from 5-12. Probably 10 or so. I was impressed. I don’t think I ran a mile until I was fourteen and this kid was running 5 today.

    The pace felt great. I was so happy to have the pace group to rein me in since naturally I want to go faster but lately that’s been causing me to burn out.

    There were a few hills that were challenging, including the one in the woods by the zoo, but I reminded myself to swing my arms to move myself up the hill. As I was thinking that, this song came on, and in the beginning he says “c’mon swing it!” Perfect.


    And it was so nice to be going down the hill on Skinker instead of up, like last week.


    The plan for today was to do 4-6 miles depending on how my body felt. I felt great and did the whole Forest Park loop plus a little extra to total 6 miles.


    That’s my longest run since last October! And I’m thrilled to report I felt stronger at the end than I did at the beginning. I think the slower pace group will be good for me.


    4 responses to “A Successful Six Miles

    1. Yay great job on 6 miles!

    2. Nice, looks like a great run! I hope you felt the vibrations! 😉

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