Another Good Run!

My leg was feeling a bit sore yesterday and this morning, but it was good by the afternoon, so I ran in Tower Grove Park after work.

I knew it was going to be a good run when I came across a weave!


Usually I just see these while driving on the streets of St. Louis; running past one is a first.

Right next to the weave I found a feather.


And shortly after I found two more! I’m going to be able to construct my own bird by the end of the summer.


I ran out of the park and around the Botanical Gardens, feeling good the whole time.


And then I saw a couple walking a million dogs.


I nearly mastered negative splits, too!


Now two days of rest and back at it Sunday. Hoping for a low humidity morning!


3 responses to “Another Good Run!

  1. Thanks for finding my weave! I hope you don’t get bird flu. Congrats on your run!

  2. Too funny! I’ve seen all kinds of weird stuff on my runs through SF

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