A Run Around SLU

After work today I decided to run around SLU, my alma mater.

It’s pretty hilly. This hill was the death of me at the Go! Half Marathon last year.


It was a gorgeous day.


College Church. I think I’ve only been in here twice and one time wasn’t until after graduation for a couple friends’ wedding.


The Vandeventer/Laclede side of SLU.


A look down Grand avenue and The Fabulous Fox in the distance.


Marchetti Towers, where I lived junior and senior year.


I always thought it was so cool that I could see the Arch while walking to class. Hello Arch!


And the famous SLU Billiken. He’s in front of the new arena they built. After I graduated. Wah wah.



What a difference a couple days makes. It was in the 70s and far less humid than Sunday morning, plus there was a lovely breeze. It’s just so much more enjoyable to run when the weather cooperates.


4 responses to “A Run Around SLU

  1. I enjoyed the sites along your run but I must say, that Billiken is CREEPY!

  2. Oh, I wish I could run around my alma mater…need to get back to Ohio! and aint the cooler temps this week awesome!?!

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