Sometimes Running is Not So Great

It got hot in a hurry here in St. Louis. I’ve still been running outside, but not running at appropriate (cool) times, and I’m feeling it.

Saturday I ran around 3pm. I carried a water and a bag of pineapple with me (for some reason I crave it when running sometimes).

Even with these reinforcements, after five minutes I had to stop and walk. Instead of going around Carondelet Park I headed back, turning my run into a run/walk.

Monday I gave running outside another shot, after work in Tower Grove Park. I made it a mile or so before resorting to walking, again turning my run into a run/walk.

I was just too exhausted to run. It wasn’t great, plus my leg hurt more than it has recently, so I took the next two days off.

I was back at it tonight. I’d planned to run at the gym, giving in to St. Louis heat, but it was pleasant when I left work, in the 70s. So I headed to Forest Park. I kept my pace conservative and was able to stay running the whole time, yay!

That’s me at the Spanish Pavilion. And the view from the top:

I love running in Forest Park because not only do you get views like that, there’s trails all over the place so you never have to run the same route twice. I made up a new route tonight.

That pace is slow for me, but I think I’d rather run that pace and run continuously than run faster and burn out right away. And hopefully as I build up continuous miles they begin to feel easier. If not, I’m going to try the treadmill.


6 responses to “Sometimes Running is Not So Great

  1. Good job getting back in it! I find that,for me, running slower means I can run longer distances and make better time. Keep running!

  2. Looks like a great place to run! Stick with it!

  3. Run easy now, so I can race later 🙂 That is what I tell myself so as not to overdue it and re-injure myself. You are definitely going about it the smart way!

  4. Anything 80 and above is brutal. I know that I’m going to be slow, but I think I secretly enjoy the torture. At least, I don’t have to worry about layers of clothes. 🙂

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