Back in the Swing of Things

Today I attempted to start some type of running routine. I didn’t run yesterday and I don’t have plans tonight, so in order for my routine to work that means I ran tonight. After work I quickly changed and got myself to the park before I gave myself too long to talk myself out of it (it’s hot and muggy! I don’t wanna!).

I decided to listen to Spotify on my run. I’ve been listening to Tori Amos a lot lately and wanted to continue that on my run but debated the logic of running to a musician known for piano ballads. Then I remembered WholeHealthDork’s recent post about running to podcasts and figured if she can run to people talking, I can run to Tori. So I did.

Nothing like 6 minutes of piano and soft vocals to get you going. But it worked. Tori’s music has a calming effect on me and it helped to get me in a good mental frame of mind.

It was a good thing I was listening to relaxing music because I spent the first part of my run terrified for the guy in front of me who was running, fast, with a shoe untied.

I was so relieved when he stopped to tie it.

The rest of my run was pretty uneventful. I tried to focus on keeping a steady pace and using my breath to relax myself. This wasn’t my fastest run but that was intentional since I just ran at a faster pace on Sunday. I’m mainly interested in logging miles now and I’ll work on making them faster a little while later.


I wanted to stop early on. Thankfully not from leg pain, which I only noticed briefly at one point but it went away. I was just going through the mental grind of running. I told myself I could slow down but I wasn’t going to stop (mental training!). I was getting around that park. And I did.


Oh, and I signed up for another race! The Freedom 4 Miler on July 5th. I ran this race last year but it was downtown; this year it’s in Forest Park. So that’s a second race to prepare for in June. As much as I’ve run in Forest Park, I don’t think I’ve ever raced there, so that should be a fun experience.


5 responses to “Back in the Swing of Things

  1. I miss Tori Amos. What ever happened to her?

  2. I listen to podcasts all the time but I don’t think I could while running. I need something a little more up beat.
    Good luck on the Freedom 4 Miler Race. Although I have to say, my OCD is getting to me. Why cant they have it on the forth of July? Or if they have to have it on the 5th make it 5 miles…..

    • Ha! I think there must be other events on the 4th and it would be too hard to have a race that day too. Although last year it was on the 4th, so that’s not a great excuse.

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