First Attempt at Speed Work (Post-Injury)

Before yesterday I hadn’t run in a week. I had a couple days last week I could have but just didn’t plan for it–I went home instead. I’m not crazy about my habits going in that direction, so I’m going to try to get back into a 2-3 times per week routine, with other exercise mixed in for variety and injury prevention.

A running blogger I read a lot recently posted a tempo/interval workout (details HERE) and I’ve been wanting to try it.

Now that I have my trusty garmin, I did some calculations and plugged in my targets for each segment online then synced it to my watch.



How did I come up with those calculations? I used a spreadsheet found in THIS POST by another running blogger I read.

The warm up 10 minutes felt slow. I kept exceeding my heart rate target (may need to revise that up a bit) and to get it down I felt like I was practically walking.

The next 20 minutes felt harder. It took a little work to get my heart rate in the appropriate zone and then it got messed up when I stopped for water and traffic, so I just tried to remember how my pace felt and run comfortably hard.

I didn’t use heart rate targets for the intervals because I figured 30 seconds wouldn’t be enough time to get an accurate read. It turns out it’s not long enough to get an accurate read for pace either–at first I’d be too slow, then too fast. So I basically ignored my watch during the intervals other than using it as my cue to go fast or go slow. I did the intervals on a segment of a path near my house, going back and forth to avoid traffic.


I like 30 second segments because it’s very easy to convince yourself to do them. You can do anything for 30 seconds. The 5 minute interval portion of the workout went by pretty quickly.

The 10 minute cooldown was supposed to be a slow jog, but I realized I needed to walk to get my heart rate into the appropriate zone, and once I was there I decided to keep walking briskly.


I didn’t have any idea how far I’d run or at what pace but I figured I’d gone over 3 miles for sure. And unlike last time I did over 3 miles, I didn’t take any rest breaks so there was no reason to push myself and jog the cooldown.

Then it was over and I pulled up my garmin app to see what my paces were.



Not bad. The best part was during the entire run I didn’t feel anything on my (previously?) injured leg. It wasn’t a factor at all. Even today I’m not noticing it. I hope that trend continues as I put more miles on it!


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