I Rode My Bike to Work!

I’ve been feeling kind of meh lately–not especially motivated to do anything, snacking a lot more than normal, etc. I was texting with my mom, who suggested trying something new. I said I didn’t know what that would be, but I would keep that idea in mind. Then I got to thinking about an email I’d sent years ago to the Bike St. Louis People, asking their suggestions for a safe bike route to my office.
As you can see, after sending that email I got right on it. Sometimes seeds get planted in my mind and just need some time to grow….like six years.

Anyway, this morning I finally rode my bike to work. The funny thing is I completely ignored the route the woman from Bike St. Louis emailed me; she had me going too far out of my way in order to mostly stick to roads with bike lanes. I see plenty of bikers along side me as I drive to work, so I figured I could be like them. I didn’t bike exactly the same route I drive to work, but I stayed pretty close to that route.


It went very smoothly. On Morganford I was aware of how many people sit in their cars on the street, obviously waiting for their chance to open their doors and kill me. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. I biked to Tower Grove Park, where I got passed by a guy wearing bike clothes who obviously knew what he was doing, but it was still comforting to not be alone on the roads. We said good morning and it felt like I was part of a secret community.

As I biked along Tower Grove Avenue I saw more bikers. It didn’t really feel like I was biking in a city until I passed under highway 44 and made a right on Vandeventer and then a right on Chouteau. Chouteau has a bike lane on part of the street but after I passed Grand it disappeared, meaning I had to bike alongside cars going kind of fast. I was glad to be going in the same direction as them so I couldn’t see them coming. If I can’t see cars speeding at me it’s not scary.

Then I made a left on Jefferson, which is also the way I drive in to work. It’s hilly. (I know I’m not supposed to bike on sidewalks but my turn was on the left and it was just easier to be on the sidewalk when I crossed over highway 40.)


There’s a lovely view of downtown St. Louis.

I left my house around 7:15am, so the commute took me about 45 minutes. After locking up my bike I was at my desk a little after 8am, which is earlier than I’ve been to work in weeks.

I changed and hung my disgustingly sweaty bike clothes in my office.

I’m glad we can wear jeans at work on Fridays. It would be nice to work at an office with an onsite gym/showers but I’ll have to settle for wiping myself down with paper towels. At least I remembered to bring deodorant in my bag.


One response to “I Rode My Bike to Work!

  1. Good for you, Nora. I’m impressed! 🙂

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