Running in Hot Springs National Park

We’ve been in Hot Springs, Arkansas this weekend. We’ve done a lot of walking but I haven’t felt like running because it’s been in the 50s. Ick!

Today I decided to get over myself. I’m in a new to me city and I had a chance to run up a mountain! So I took it.

It’s about a mile from our hotel to Hot Springs Mountain. I ran there then pumped my brakes. When I was 14 my mom and I visited a college friend of hers who took us to a mountain. I ran up that mountain–“this is easy!” then seemingly out of nowhere, puked. Altitude sickness, I guess. So I walked up this mountain.


It didn’t take too long to get to the top.


And I could see our hotel from the top.


Then I got on the trail below this view and headed down. On my way up I was thinking “how in the world do trail runners do it? This is all steep and terrible! I could never do this.” But on the way down…


Running downhill is so fun! It’s easy and fun and feels like flying. It reminded me of running as a little kid; running so fast you feel out of control. I just had to make sure I slowed down when it got steep because I didn’t want to fly off the mountain.



I ran down to a creek.



I mixed running and walking. No need to get crazy when the elevation goes above 1,000.


I did enjoy running on a new texture.


I followed the trails downhill and popped out here.

There’s all these free spring water sites in Hot Springs.



The faucets here all had hot water, so I moved on.


Unfortunately this one was all hot too! I filled up but saved it for later.

4.55 miles–done!



5 responses to “Running in Hot Springs National Park

  1. That looks like a pretty fun run! I am quite the trail fan 🙂

  2. Looks like an awesome place to run! You aren’t that far away from Dallas. If you end up here, holla!

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