Return to Running – Complete!

Tonight I finished the last stage of my return to running program, running 30 minutes with no breaks.


I made an interval workout on my new Garmin in an effort to keep my pace more conservative than I have been running. I planned to run the first 10 minutes at 9:45-10:15 minute pace, the next 10 at 9:15-9:45, and the last 10 at 8:45-9:15. Staying in these ranges was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Once I got out of my pace range my Garmin beeped at me and I overcompensated and ended up way too fast or slow. When I finally evened my pace out I’d be like 4 seconds out of the range and my Garmin would beep at me every 15 seconds or so. I’m lucky the battery didn’t die.


I felt pretty good, despite this weather.


Spring? Hello?

When I finished my running this guy was there to congratulate me.

Birds that look like that have been all around me lately. There was one in my yard hanging out six feet from me as I did yard work on Saturday.

My muscles still aren’t used to running and feel kind of awkward when moving. I have all over muscle soreness now. That said, I didn’t notice any pain in my stress fracture site either during the run or after, even when foam rolling it. I felt soreness off and on all week so I was wondering what was going on, but even now when I press on my leg I don’t feel pain so I think everything is fine. We’ll see how the next days go. More rest may be in order, then some to be determined running routine.

Yay! A new running routine! Leonard is very happy for me.



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  1. Nice!

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