Return to Running – Stage 20

I made an attempt at the last stage of my Return to Running program on Saturday. I say attempt because I had to take a one minute walk break shortly before 30 minutes were up, so I’m not counting it as completing the stage.

As is often the case with unplanned walk breaks, after I walked once it was hard to get myself running comfortably again. But I shouldn’t be running over 30 minutes anyway so it’s fine.

Love these detailed stats. Thanks, Garmin!

I was feeling slightly sore in mile 2, but my main problem was nausea and cramps. I was in Mississippi as this is the second time I’ve experienced these symptoms while running there, so it must be something about the climate. Or maybe it’s the fact I’m not drinking as much water and then trying to run immediately after I wake up.

One thing Mississippi does have going for it is friendliness. I ran past a bunch of other walkers and runners and everyone said hi. Even a guy on a riding lawn mower and a guy sitting on his porch. Maybe that’s why I got so exhausted.


I ran along this nicely shaded road in hopes of getting a glimpse of the reservoir, which I eventually did, barely.


I haven’t been able to exercise at all since Saturday and I’ve got some leg soreness. I notice soreness more when I’m completely at rest than when I’m actively using my leg–speed walking is no problem. I think my leg is craving some other type of exercise. Biking or swimming really seems to “even out” the way my leg feels. I’m also considering forcing myself to run at 10 minute mile pace on my next run. Or maybe a progression from 10 minute miles to 9 minute miles at the end. I need some plan to keep me mentally engaged while also keeping my effort low.


3 responses to “Return to Running – Stage 20

  1. It looks like you had a beautiful road to run on!

  2. Nice job! I hope you get to feeling all healthy soon! Do you have any races coming up – having a goal always helps me stay engaged

    • Thanks! There’s a 5k in June I have my eye on but I’m holding off on signing up until I’m sure my recovery is still headed in the right direction. I’m going to run again tonight and see how things go.

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