Return to Running – Stages 16, 17, & 18

I completed stage 16 on the treadmill last Tuesday. This was my last time walking a minute and running four.

It was also the last time I’ll be reading on the treadmill for a while as the weather has gotten really nice here. I did stage 17 Thursday in Tower Grove park.


Stage 17 is walking 30 seconds and running 4:30. 30 seconds of walking is practically nothing. It’s also very hard to make a playlist including 30 second songs, but I did it.



Last night I went to sleep at 9:55pm and when I woke up at 6:45am I felt like I’d slept ’til noon. I need to do this more often as I was able to hang out at home for a while before going out to run and it was still only 8am. I intend to do some damage at an Easter buffet later today so I really wanted to run this morning.

South city is crawling with bunnies anyway, but this morning they were really enjoying their day. I counted nine bunnies during the first half of my run. It made for a fun little game. I was excited to take a photo of them once I’d finished the run, but of course when that time came no bunnies were to be found, even in this giant field by our house.


I can always count on bunnies hanging out in our neighbors’ yard, though, so I was able to get a pic of bunny #10 when I got back.


Now I’ve finished all the Return to Running stages that involve walking. The next two are just running, which I’m a little nervous about. These walking segments have really broken down the runs for me and given me little things to look forward to. I haven’t just run since January, and that was only a few times. I remember that when I run I’m never fully comfortable until 10-15 minutes in. My walk/running intervals haven’t allowed me to get to that point since as soon as I’ve adjusted to running I’m back doing a walking segment. So I’m hopeful that I can get to that comfort level while running just like I used to.


3 responses to “Return to Running – Stages 16, 17, & 18

  1. 10 bunnies! I love seeing wildlife when I run!

  2. Woohoo! Can you believe you’re already there? I’m catching up on you–finished stage 15 yesterday and hoping to do stage 16 in the next day or two! So happy!

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