A Personal Milestone & A Celebrity Sighting

Before today, I’d never paid for a haircut in my life.

My last previous paid for haircut was paid for by my mom, in 1999. After that in my junior year of college my friend Melanie said she could cut my hair. I let her, then I decided if she could do it, I could do it. And so it went for the last 15 years.

Today I decided I’d go ahead and pay for a haircut.



The hilarious thing is during the cut the hairstylist said “oh I see you had an inverted bob previously”. Apparently I can add that to my resume. She continued and said “it looks like you have layers in the back”. I told her I did it myself and she was very impressed.



Later in the evening we went to Ballpark Village and experienced the giant screen.


At some point I noticed a familiar figure at the bar….Cardinals hero and current color commentator Jim Edmonds!


Now you can see the mic on the back of his neck, so clearly he’s going to go on tv, but you can also see he’s drinking a beer. Is that cool at your job cause it’s not at mine!


Eh, I don’t care. Game 6 of the 2004 NLCS forever.


8 responses to “A Personal Milestone & A Celebrity Sighting

  1. I need a job that allows me to drink on the clock. Might make things more interesting.

  2. Lookin good! I also cut my own hair, but mine’s easy cause I just use clippers and shave most of it off. Haha

  3. Never paid for a haircut?? That’s so not fair!! The last time I got my hair cut in San Francisco it was $90. $90!!! Which is why I get it cut once every 6 months now. Haha it’s my fault for having long hair I guess. But I do actually work at a job where you can drink-I’m a bartender-but I don’t! I’ll taste things for sure, but it’s not safe or healthy to be drunk at work!

    • I have a hard time paying for things I feel like I can do myself. But now that I’ve paid for my first haircut I think it’s probably worth it to be sure it’s even! But $90–yikes!

  4. I wish I could cut my own hair! I hate going to the hairdressers! I’m afraid I’ll cut it unevenly and it would look like a mess! :/ You’ve got lovely hair!

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