Return to Running – Stages 14 & 15

Another two stages down!

On Monday I took the day off from exercise, although I did get some walking in because it was Cardinals Opening Day! This was my 12th Opening Day in a row. I’m very fortunate my employer realizes this is basically a holiday for me and I never have trouble getting time off.

Did I mention it was cold?

At least it stopped raining and they got the game in. And they won!

One Tuesday I tackled stage 14 at the gym–walking for 1.5 minutes and running for 3.5 minutes. I decided to keep my pace slower than I’ve been doing on the treadmill since my running time has increased. I walked at 4.0 and ran at 6.0 and felt pretty good. I made a playlist of songs alternating 1.5 and 3.5 minutes in length so I didn’t have to watch the time to know when to switch.



Wednesday I went to PiYo class at the gym, and Thursday I decided to run at Forest Park. I’d intended to give myself more than one rest day, but Thursday was so beautiful and I’d just gotten new running shoes and was itching to try them out.


The shoes are Saucony ProGrid Guide 6. I’d been looking at another color but they were out of my size. I didn’t care for the other color schemes available in women’s sizes so I decided to try men’s sizes–a men’s 8.5 is supposed to be equivalent to a women’s 10.


I love the first run in new shoes–it feels like running on clouds. The fact these are a men’s size didn’t bother me at all, which is great to know for the future as it will really expand the color options available to me.

Stage 15 consists of walking for 1 minute and running for 4. I made another playlist to give me cues of when to walk and when to run and realized how challenging it is to find 1 minute songs.



Nothing like the Mr. Belvidere theme song to get you going! Eh, who am I kidding, I love that song.

I also love Forest Park. This is a lot more inspiring than the concrete wall at the gym!


That’s our (free!) art museum and the Grand Basin, which is fun to paddle boat or canoe in.

Everything in Forest Park is even prettier once flowers start blooming and trees shed the wintery beiges.

I went a little over 30 minutes, but even with my six 1 minute walking segments I was able to cover 5k! I’ve done that on walks since my injury, but this was the first time I’ve done that with mostly running.


Yesterday I had some soreness, but most seemed to be residual PiYo soreness along with some generalized running soreness; the kind I used to get from longer runs. So I should be on track to try stage 16 either tomorrow or Tuesday.


8 responses to “Return to Running – Stages 14 & 15

  1. Way to go! I thought baseball was the sport of summer? Why is it so cold there!?!? Haha

  2. Yay! You’re nearly there! I’ve been able to fly through the stages lately, though am a bit sore tonight.
    The Guides are my old shoes. Now I’m in a neutral + my orthotics. I never thought to buy the men’s size, but since my feet are smaller than yours, they probably wouldn’t have the men’s equivalent. But hello more color options! I wonder if you’ll notice a difference. That is, do they design them differently to account for our differences with our hips and whatnot.

    • I’m glad you’ve been able to make some progress! That’s how it happened for me too; all of a sudden I could just fly through the stages. I’ll probably go for my second run in the shoes tomorrow. Hopefully they continue to feel good. If you have small feet maybe you could fit into boys’ shoes. 🙂

  3. Nice shoes, Nora! I love the color;blue’s my favorite color. What is PIYo?

  4. I LOVE all of your STL photos! We live in such a great city!!

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