Return to Running – Stages 12 & 13

I’ve completed another two stages of my program to get back to running 30 minutes consecutively without pain.

I completed stage 12 on Monday, running outside. It was chilly but there was sun so I went for it.


Stage 12 consists of walking 2 minutes and running 3 minutes, and though this is the second time I’ve done it, it felt harder this time. It’s probably because I was running outside, so I tend to run faster, and I also tend to have mixed results when I run in the morning. Didn’t have a ton of energy.

Oh well, I completed it and I could move on to more important things–watching the Cardinals beat the Reds on Opening Day. I took the day off work just to watch the game from home and generally be lazy.


Our dog Leonard was on board with being lazy.

In the days that followed I felt more sore than normal; not really pain, just noticing slight discomfort. So I backed off from running, as planned. I’m really not trying to set a timetable for myself but because I’m allowing for a minimum of one day of rest between runs, some days work better than others for running, and I really hoped to be good to go today. This morning I felt nothing in my leg, so off to the gym I went.


I’d already committed to this treadmill when I realized the tv didn’t work. And I didn’t bring my book. So my options for entertainment were limited to people watching the smattering of elderly people at the gym that early or staring at the wall and pretending it was a beautiful vista.


I tried to use the 3.5 minutes I was running to make my body relaxed, focus on good form, and even out my breathing. It’s been about 5 months since my injury; I’m no longer used to extended intense cardio so it was helpful to me to focus on my body. But I couldn’t help thinking if 3.5 minutes is mentally boring me, what’s it going to be like when I’m running consistently with no walk breaks to look forward to? I did a post on my Long Run Mentality last year, so I know I can get myself into the proper mental frame of mind, but I’m realizing that’s part of the training I’m doing now. If running was easy, everyone would do it. I like that it’s hard.


6 responses to “Return to Running – Stages 12 & 13

  1. You are being so smart about returning to running, and probably also building a stronger running base by being cautious. After weeks and months of run/walking and keeping my pace slow, I’ve built a much stronger running base after my injury last summer.

    • Thanks! I feel the same way. I often notice a little shin pain during the run but so far none after. Before I got injured I had shin splints on a couple occasions but just plowed through rather than give myself the necessary rest. Now that I’m resting appropriately I do feel like I’m healing and getting stronger each time out.

      • I think it’s normal to feel a little discomfort when you are still getting used to running again. It took me months before I was 100% convinced my leg completely healed. Do you foam roll your shins? That has helped me so much.

      • I did lots of foam rolling last fall but haven’t yet this year. It’s probably a good idea to do it even when I don’t feel sore.

  2. Yay! So glad you’re doing so great. I’m finally headed back in the correct direction. I’m at stage 10! Sounds like you’re doing such a great job listening to your body and adapting as needed and I’m sure that’s why you’ve had such a great recovery.

    • Yay for you as well! I’m definitely needing 2+ days to recover now, which is fine. I’m much more in tune with what I need in order to move on.

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