Five Friday Funnies

  • A dog hanging out of a car window.20140227-210506.jpg
  • A woman I used to work with called my office needing some paperwork. As we talked she said “I’m trying to place your face….you’re the one who would read in the car, right?” Guilty. In fact, she used to talk on the phone in her car at lunch and because I back into my parking spot and she didn’t, our driver’s sides were right next to each other. So we both sat in our cars, side by side, and didn’t interact. It was a bit awkward.
  • I saw this Onion story recently and I’m still laughing. And this photo!20140227-204822.jpg
  • Facebook keeps suggesting I join this group.20140227-203245.jpgAs Stephen Colbert says, I don’t see color, but I think if I tried to join this group they might.
  • One of my favorite taco places, Mission Taco Joint, posted this on their Facebook page.20140227-204307.jpg
    Palindromes, kittens, kittens in costume–I love it on so many levels.

2 responses to “Five Friday Funnies

  1. Haha, love the taco cat!

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