Return to Running

It’s been about a month and a half since I decided to stop running until it was fun again and I haven’t missed it that much. I’ve been staying active inside walking, biking, swimming, lifting weights and going to PiYo every other week. Meanwhile outside it’s been freezing, snowy, and just generally unpleasant. Until this past weekend when it was randomly in the 60s. When I saw the sun on Saturday I did miss running. So now, fresh off my physical, but mostly mental break from running, I’m ready to start it up again.

I’m also considering a switch in shoes. While I doubt my Brooks (Adrenaline GTS 13) shoes contributed to my stress fracture, I can’t help but associate them with it. I ran three previous half marathons in Asics (GT 1170) with no problems, so I was thinking of going back to them, but then I tried these on:

They’re Saucony ProGrid Guide 5s and felt really comfortable. Lots of cushioning and I felt like my ankles were locked into the shoe, preventing movement that would put extra pressure on the inside of my leg (stress fracture site). I didn’t get them, but I’m keeping them in mind.

Back to running. I actually eased into it a little over a week ago, using the Return to Running program found here. This program appealed to me because the beginning stages are not all that different from walking, which I’ve been doing for a few weeks with no issues.


The great thing about having no races on my calendar is I can set whatever training pace I want. I didn’t try stage 2 until tonight, over a week after I completed stage 1. (I am really easing into this.) Both stages went well! Tonight was especially great. 30 seconds of running during four 5 minute blocks was not enough for me–my lungs really wanted more, and I actually think my legs did too! I walked in the 4.1-4.5 range, which is really fast (my lower legs were a good sore) and I ran in the 6.1-6.3 range, although I couldn’t resist and ran the last 30 seconds at 7.1, which is somewhere around 8:30 miles. I was already holding myself back by not running more than 30 seconds at a time; I’m sure breaking an easy running pace for 30 seconds is fine. Plus, running fast for short periods of time is fun, which is the whole point. I’m not in pain now, even when I hop on my right foot, which makes me really happy. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow— I typically have some soreness the day after high activity. As long as it keeps going away it’s fine.

While I was treadmilling I watched the weather on tv.

More cold and snow! Just when I think we’ve turned a weather corner Mother Nature reminds me she’s in charge. On the bright side, this gives me more time to work on my running indoors in preparation for whenever it does end up being pleasant outside.


7 responses to “Return to Running

  1. It’s great that you’re easing back into running. You want it to be fun and not a chore or something that brings pain. I am SO ready for nice weather!

  2. Have you gone to a running specific place where they can examine you and find the right shoe for you? It changed my world when I started going that route. Good luck, I hope it warms up – and stop sending cold air to Texas already!

    • Actually I went to my favorite running store and they fitted me in the Brooks. That’s why I think my shoes aren’t necessarily to blame for my issues but still I’m curious if there’s an even better fit out there for me.

  3. Yay, Nora! So happy for you! Isn’t it such a fantastic feeling to finally be making some progress after all of your hard work trying NOT to run? It can feel funny running for such a short time (and I immediately assumed people were judging me for not being able to run for very long), but it’s all worth it.

    I’ve been a bit stalled at level 8. Had a PF flare-up, so I have taken a couple of weeks off and will re-start a level down. So surprised how it doesn’t bother me that much any more. I think it gets easier to deal. Are you finding that?

    • Yes! Tonight I did stage three and I found myself thinking yay, I get to run one minute at a time! Haha. Just a few months ago I would have thought one minute wouldn’t be worth doing at all. I have a totally different perspective now, and am looking at it as getting myself stronger in a safe way. I like how conservative it is. I’m so glad I found this plan on your blog.

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