New Year’s Day Run

I ran again today; the first time in a week. Apparently running is something I only do on holidays now.

I did do some walking Friday and also Sunday. Sunday we were traveling back north and stopped in Oxford, Mississippi to visit William Faulkner’s house, a very tranquil place.

You can tour the inside for $5 but Tracy and I did that back in April so we hung outside with Puccini while my mom and Tony went in.

Puccini did want to run between smelling everything on the grounds, so I got a little running in.

Not really enough running to justify all these things I ate in the last week, but any movement is good movement.






The last photo is wings I took to go (in a cup–classy!) from our friend Rich’s New Year’s Eve party last night.

I think they were key in preventing a hangover. I also munched on a few before heading out on my run today, a pretty sound fueling strategy, IMO.

It’s cold and overcast in St. Louis.

I love running outside, but the scenery is not the most inspiring right now. I didn’t mind so much since I’m still in a “grateful to be moving” state of mind.

I had a loose plan of running 2 miles (since last week I ran just over 1) at whatever pace felt good. My body felt very strong, no pain, and that made me happy. My breathing was heavy and I was debating if that meant I should slow down more. I decided I’m still adapting to high intensity cardio and breathing heavy is probably normal; it’s the leg I have to more closely monitor.

My leg did just fine carrying me around Carondelet Park.

I ended up running 20 minutes and I was happy (and cold).

I was happier when I saw my splits.

That’s what my pace was pre-injury. I don’t know if I can continue with that pace, but I’m grateful for it today.

After the run I walked 10 minutes, stretched, foam rolled, and iced. I’m feeling good now and hope to continue feeling good tomorrow, a rest day. If so, I’ll begin running reduced mileage every other day with the goal of being back to 3-4 mile runs several times a week by the time my half marathon training plan begins 1/12/14. Less than two weeks away!


7 responses to “New Year’s Day Run

  1. Your food photos made me HUNGRY! Each pain free run after an injury has to feel good, let you breathe a little easier.

    • Right! I have no previous injury experience to reflect on to know what is normal, so I always hold my breath a little until I’ve gone multiple days pain free after a run. Each run gives me a little more information about what to expect from my body.

  2. Glad you are back to running! Happy New Year!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. Arg! I’m working to get back to running after an injury as well! Good luck!

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