Last Day of Florida Fun

We went to a nature preserve today.

We’d wanted to get out in the Florida weather, and we did, it just happened to be rain.

We walked along this boardwalk searching for animals of any sort but found nothing. It was a peaceful walk regardless, and walking for 45 minutes is something I haven’t done in over a month so I enjoyed that.

I did see a cardinal on our way out but I barely count those since I see them so often in St. Louis. I was hoping to see a manatee or a wild boar. I say this now if a wild boar crossed my path I’m sure I’d be out of there before we could exchange pleasantries.

After lunch my mom, aunt, and I went to a nail salon.


Surprisingly, this was my idea. Sometime in the last year Tracy convinced me to get a pedicure with her and while I enjoyed the end result, there were portions that felt like torture because I’m so ticklish. At one point I nearly kicked the person working on my feet. Also, since I’m a runner I had a lot of problem areas to work on. The lady had to get a special tool to sand off my callouses and scrunched up her nose in disgust as she showed me how much she removed. I think it’s part of their business model to shame customers into coming back for regular maintenance. I was amused by her reaction and simply said “I’m a runner” .

Anyway, since I’ve kicked my 27 year nail biting habit, I’m a lot more interested in grooming my nails, so to the salon we went.

While we waited another of the customers went next door to Publix and came back with Combos and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which she began consuming out of a paper bag. I didn’t realize this was an option.


When it was my turn I went (without smuggled booze) to my chair and read People magazine to distract myself while this guy touched my feet.


The guy who worked on me wore a white jacket with cursive lettering above the pocket, like is normally used for someone’s name. It said “nails” and I wondered why someone would name their child that. (And I didn’t have any Mike’s Hard Lemonade!) I soon noticed his actual name, Tim, next to his table.

I giggled quite a bit but on the bright side Tim didn’t have to get a special tool to work on me! He just used the regular cheese grater tool. Later my mom told me the tv in the salon was showing a guy using an actual cheese grater. What a disgusting thing to watch while your feet are being grated.

I thoroughly enjoyed the massage portion of the pedicure; he massaged my feet plus both legs below the knees. I think it will be great for the blood flow in my right leg, which is still pain free but doesn’t feel as super strong as my left leg does. I probably won’t run for several more days; the walking is serving the purpose of getting me used to more impact. In the meantime I’m enjoying my Florida ocean inspired nails.




3 responses to “Last Day of Florida Fun

  1. Haha I’m so ticklish too, I love pedicures but it can feel like torture sometimes!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! I’ll be there in a little more than a week – hoping for cool temps for the races!!!

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