Beyoncé at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis 12/14/13

Tonight we saw Beyoncé perform live for the first time.
She’s another person on our concert bucket list; someone we’ve waited a long time to check off.

Her opening act was a guy named Luke James, a guy with a good voice who I found over sexualized and disgusting. At one point his “choreography” consisted of sticking his hand down his pants. He’ll probably end up famous, which is the only reason I mention him.

After Pervy Perverson was done there was an intermission which was more entertaining than his performance. There was lots of fun music being played, including one song that made nearly everyone get up and begin performing a dance my friend Dan informed me is called The Wobble.
Oh, to have that kind of confidence.

Also during the intermission Trace and I saw our friend Rich who I’ve known since college.IMG_2319
We’re drinking Straw-ber-itas. Rich said they now sell Cran-ber-itas but he can’t find them anywhere. Apparently the Cran-ber-ita is being billed as a winter drink, so you can imagine what a horse’s ass I felt like drinking a Straw-ber-ita in December.

On to Beyoncé! By the way, I can’t help but pronounce her name Be-yonce (rather than Be-yon-ce). Tracy and I have done this ever since we heard Joel McHale say it that way on The Soup. Be-yonce.

Beyoncé has a flair for the dramatic. The first song was “Run the World (Girls)”. A video played where everyone was in white, then the screen slowly lowered, and the white video started meshing with dancers appearing on stage, and finally, Beyoncé, also dressed in white.beyonce run the world
We do this song in Zumba, so I love it for that reason. After some other songs she did another song we do in Zumba, “Get Me Bodied”, which I really love. (I couldn’t help but do the moves in my head.) I believe during this song she was in this black outfit with a baseball cap, all sparkly.IMG_2330
She reminded me of Janet Jackson in Rhythm Nation.

Now a word on wind machines. Beyoncé loves them.IMG_2334
It was pretty hot by this point; I could have used a wind machine myself.

Then, in a (relatively) safer nod to P!nk, Beyoncé attached herself to a zip line and flew to the stage near us!

The first song she did on this stage was “Irreplaceable”.IMG_2341



She’s singing to me here.


She moves like a glistening piece of sculpture.

Then she did “Love on Top”, my jam.




The dancing to “Love on Top” is so adorable. It’s like this but without Beyoncé being pregnant:

That video makes me LOL because of who you see in the audience: Lady Gaga dressed as a man and Katy Perry wearing a block of cheese on her head. Oh, 2011.

Then she covered “Survivor” from her Destiny’s Child days, and zipped away. 😦




Back on the main stage, she did “Crazy in Love”, probably my favorite song of hers after Schoolin’ Life.IMG_2370

At other points in the show there was smoke and fire.IMG_2381


“Single Ladies” was another high point.IMG_2383
single ladies
I can’t watch this dance without thinking of Dan, the same friend who educated me on the Wobble earlier in the evening. Dan could perform this dance when it was popular and I’m fairly sure he still could.

After performing “Grown Woman”, “XO”, and “Halo”, Beyoncé introduced her mostly female dancers (two guys) and all female musicians. Another reason to love Beyoncé.IMG_2398
And after about two hours and many costume changes, that was that.


2 responses to “Beyoncé at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis 12/14/13

  1. Awesome article. It was like it was there with your vivid descriptions.

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