Cranberry Blueberry Pie

I’ve been in the mood to make pie lately. Making pie is not a thing I do; I made a couple apple pies several years ago and haven’t made any pies since (at least the kind that require baking). But I do like to eat pie, and I like to bake when it’s cold, so that fact it’s in the 20s lately made this the perfect time to reintroduce myself to baking pie.

I considered making apple pie (we have a lot of apples) but since I’ve already done that I searched for a recipe that uses cranberries, something else we have. We also have a giant bag of frozen blueberries from Costco, so I logged on to Pinterest and searched for cranberry blueberry pie.

I found this Cranberry Blueberry Pie recipe.

I’d already pinned this crust recipe, so that’s the one I followed for this pie.

By the way, if you want to follow me on Pinterest, or just see all the things I’ve pinned (mostly recipes) click here.

On to the pie!

I made the crust this morning and it seemed easy enough. Two bowls of ingredients; mix. I used a combination of shortening and butter because the crust recipe said I could.


Then I balled it up. I froze two of the balls and refrigerated the other two for use later.


As you can see in the photo, we have a bit of a tervis tumbler addiction.

Then I made the filling.


Pie filling is pretty simple to make. Besides the berries and sugar, I combined cornstarch and cinnamon sticks.

By the way, I went to three Schnuck’s today before I found cinnamon sticks. The first one had zero brands of cinnamon sticks in stock and the second had a $6 brand and this one on sale, which I assume is the reason for the run on cinnamon sticks.

The final Schnuck’s was also out of the sale brand but offered a store brand which was only $1.99, so all my trips were worth it. (Fortunately there’s three Schnuck’s within about five miles of us so it wasn’t that crazy to go from Schnuck’s to Schnuck’s to Schnuck’s.)

Anyway, so here’s all that stuff in a pan.


And while it was cooling.


Then we went to a Christmas party and I continued carbing up for the races I’m not currently running. (But will I ever have a nice base of carbs when I do run again!)

Later I continued the pie assembly with my least favorite part, rolling the dough and arranging it in the pan. I didn’t take any photos of this part; it was all I could do to get the dough rolled big enough without it breaking. Dough is not the best medium. And making a lattice out of dough–are you kidding me? I’ve never done that before and the recipe gave no tips so I winged it. I quickly discovered you have to place the pieces where you want them the first time because berry liquid is messy. I think I made it work.

Into the oven! Parts of the dough fell off while it baked. The recipe says to put a pan on the rack below the pie so I assume this is normal.


And yeah, somehow most of the pieces that fell missed the pan. I picked them up before it set off the smoke alarm.

The crust seemed to be browning quickly so I made a foil tent about forty minutes in to slow that process.

After sixty minutes the liquid was bubbling so I took it out and let it cool.





9 responses to “Cranberry Blueberry Pie

  1. OMG…that looks so good!

  2. Nice recipe! I was thinking of starting a separate blog to post recipes but maybe I’ll pist here during the “off season”

    • Thanks! I also wondered if I should split my content into multiple blogs but I decided that would require too much maintenance. Anyway, I think a lot of people who like to run also like to eat.

  3. It looks beautiful!! I always have that happen with chunks of crust falling off. It’s so annoying!

  4. Yum!!

  5. Wendy Seaman here's how

    I really enjoyed your pie baking article, and your photos were great! Was it delicious?

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