Sunday Morning Walk With the Dogs

It’s gorgeous in St. Louis today.


Chilly, yes, but sunny. That combination is ideal for outdoor activity, so I decided to take Jeri and Len for a walk this morning along the River Des Peres Greenway.


It is very hard to photograph two dogs while walking two dogs, let alone catch them in a moment where it’s clear they’re enjoying the experience, so this is the best group action shot I could get.

We were outside for almost an hour, but a lot of the “walk” was me standing there while the dogs smelled things.

IMG_2109 IMG_2110 IMG_2111

I didn’t mind because that’s what they enjoy and I wanted them to have fun. Plus, I could look at stuff like this while I waited:


They did enjoy the walking, it just came in spurts.


I’m not pulling her, I’m just walking ahead of her. When there’s no one around I like to let the leash out so she can go where she wants and set her own pace.

Len always lets me know when he’s about done.


He did this rolling around on his back routine about ten times on the walk back home. It’s adorable.

Not pictured, Bud, who was at home doing his own thing.



One response to “Sunday Morning Walk With the Dogs

  1. This is so sweet!

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