Rock ‘n Roll St. Louis Race Expo

I went to the Rock ‘n Roll St. Louis Race Expo today. It’s open tomorrow as well but Saturday is really crowded because of the out of towners. (I learned that the hard way in 2011, my first half marathon.) Friday during my lunch hour is much better.

The expo, at the America’s Center downtown, is really organized. You go through a multistop path to pick up your bib




and a bag to put your stuff in.

Then you enter the biggest part of the expo, people trying to sell you stuff. I didn’t see as many free samples as I was expecting; I got an energy chew and a Jamba Juice energy drink and that’s it. I also won this at the Jamba Juice table:

It’s a cowbell. Great.

Jamba Juice did have what I circled the expo twice to find, a pace temporary tattoo.

It’s really hard to do math involving time when you’re tired and you keep adding distance as you’re trying to do calculations. So I’m going to secure that bad boy to my forearm and hopefully it will make the math a little easier on me when I’m trying to figure out if I’m on target to break 2:00:00.

Before I left the expo I hit the beer tent where they carded me and attached a wristband.

The good news is now I don’t have to carry my ID to get a free beer after the race (and who doesn’t want beer before 10am?). The bad news is I have to wear this wristband until Sunday. I worked half a day today wearing a Michelob Ultra wristband. Fortunately no one seemed to notice. We’ll see if the elderly breakfast crowd (and me and Tracy) at First Watch is more observant when we go tomorrow.

Getting back to the shirt, I don’t normally like to wear race shirts to the race they’re from but I might have to make an exception because I really love this one.

That’s the front.

And that’s the back. Great, right?

My tentative plan is to wear a long sleeve shirt over it. It has been in the 30s first thing in the morning this week and I generally only do shorts and a t-shirt when it’s 50s or above. I don’t think I’ve raced when it is in the 30s, just done training runs. I wore pants, an ear covering headband, and gloves during those. That sounds like a good game plan for Sunday.


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  1. Nice stuff!!

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