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Before I started my own blog I read lots of other blogs on a regular basis but had no system to keep track of them. I’d bookmark some, get email updates from others, and go from memory to remember the rest. The bookmarking got annoying fast because I couldn’t remember whose blogs I’d already checked. I also hated that I had to go back and check for new posts. Getting email updates helped with that but then receiving the emails got annoying. I’d rather read things when I want to read them, not when I get an email. And lots of times I’d remember reading something interesting on a blog and have to guess at the site name later.

Then I found Bloglovin, which is a website ( and also an app. This wonderful service allows you to type in all the blogs you follow and then new entries appear in a single page feed. Once you’ve read a post it’s marked read and disappears. Or if you know you don’t want to read a certain post you can mark it read immediately and it disappears. There’s even ways to make it more organized by sorting the blogs you read into categories (like running, food, finance, etc) but I haven’t gotten that far. You can also see what blogs other people are reading.

if you want to follow me using bloglovin, follow this link!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

In the meantime, Bud and I are going to continue hydrating!



3 responses to “Follow Me on Bloglovin!

  1. Ha! My cat refuses to drink out of a bowl. I have to have a cup filled with water for her on the coffee table.

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