Half Marathon Training – Week 8


Before I started running I looked at my Nike+ app to see how runs from this time last year were going for me. I noticed I’d indicated I felt great on a lot of them and wondered when that would happen again for me. That must have been a good omen because on this run I started feeling really good after mile 2, which is how it usually works when I am having a great run. My pace felt comfortable and I was keeping it around 9 minute miles. I even had negative splits!IMG_1798

Scheduled mileage: 3 miles
Actual mileage: 4.22 miles in 38:01 minutes, a 9:00 pace


Song from my run: “Every Little Step”, Bobby Brown



Treadmill run. I attempted to do really fast intervals–like 7:30 miles mixed with 9:00 recoveries–and I burned out quickly. I modified the workout to 8:30 miles and walking recovery and still got the needed miles in.

Scheduled mileage: 3 miles
Actual mileage: 3.32 miles in 31:01 minutes, a 9:20 pace

Song from my run: “Through Being Cool”, Saves the Day. I went to Seattle senior year of college and there was a line around the corner to see these guys which is the only reason I’ve heard of them.



I headed to Forest Park to do this workout. I’m following a Hal Higdon plan but Big River Running sends me a newsletter each week with a suggested workout for training so I’ve often been incorporating those into my plan as well. This week’s suggested workout was 5 miles– the first 4 at goal pace, the last 1 faster. The beginning of my run was toward the zoo and uphill so it felt like a harder effort than the end of my run but I did pretty well at keeping a pace close to 9:00.


I was really happy with that last fast mile because I felt tired and did it anyway. I ended up about a mile and a half from my car (whoopsie!) so I walked back. Fortunately I had stuff like this to look at.



I love how buildings peek out above the trees of the park. It’s like you’re in a little pocket of nature in the city.

Scheduled mileage: 5 miles
Actual mileage: 5.07 miles in 45 minutes, an 8:52 pace


Song from my run: “Wherever You Are”, Ke$ha. Love her.


Long run day at Forest Park. I joined the 9:30-10 pace group and we did the Clayton loop, a 9 mile run from the park through Clayton and back through U City (love being able to say I ran through multiple cities!). I did this run previously on during week 1 of training but the reverse of what we did today. I was happy for the variety but it turns out the hills are bad in both directions. There was one going North on Hanley that reminded me of San Francisco and lots of long and gradual hills on Delmar like this:


That’s Megan, the pacer who walked with me during my 8 mile disaster a few weeks ago. I vowed she would not need to walk with me today and she didn’t! I actually was at the front of the pack with those two guys for the end of the run. After mile 6 I realized while my legs were tired my breathing felt awesome–not even out of breath–and this was going to be a great run. I think the fact I started fueling at mile 5 (cherry cola gummy things–pretty tasty) even though I didn’t think I needed it helped a lot. I am trying to remember to take those in advance of when it feels hard and just eat a couple at a time so I can keep eating at intervals throughout the run.

We were back at the Forest Park visitors’ center after 9 miles so I did an additional mile on my own and tried to make it speedy.


Actually, my final four miles were speedy. Me and the two guys broke off from the pace group a bit which is how I exceeded 9:30 miles.

Scheduled mileage: 10 miles
Actual mileage: 10.02 miles in 1:35:00, a 9:29 pace.


Song from my run: “Take a Walk”, Passion Pit. Nothing like a long run to remind you how many “fast” songs you have about walking.



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