Half Marathon Training – Week 6

So, this week St. Louis was hot. Really hot.

There’s no way I was going to run at 6pm in that so I hit the treadmill. I brought a book to make it more interesting.

Scheduled mileage: 4 miles
Actual mileage: 4.12 miles in 37:03 minutes, an 8:59 pace

Song from my run: “Alone”, Heart


Back on the treadmill for a quick run before Zumba.
Scheduled mileage: 3 miles
Actual mileage: 3.16 miles in 30 minutes, a 9:29 pace

Song from my run: “Don’t Shed a Tear”, Paul Carrack. Pure 80s wonderfulness.


My second attempt at speedwork. I did this on the treadmill which made it much easier to hit my paces. 🙂 The 8:00 segments were hard but also really fun. I love running short segments then resting–the 10:00 rest periods didn’t even feel like running.

Scheduled mileage: 3 miles
Actual mileage: 4.11 miles in 37 minutes, a 9:00 pace

Song from my run: “Jump (for My Love)”, The Pointer Sisters. This song always makes me think of Love Actually.


Long run day at Forest Park! We met at the visitor’s center at 7am. They announced our route was to the arch and also that the pacer for my 9:30-10 pace group (a sub) was a no show. That meant we’d combine with the 9-9:30 pace group and morph into a 9-10 pace group which really isn’t a thing. 9 and 10 minute miles are a lot different. The pacer was Michelle who is a badass. She immediately said the pace was going to be closer to 9:00, but I knew this anyway from my experience with her on my long run my first week of training.

When we began running it was actually cold–in the 50s–which is ideal for running. We ran through the park toward downtown. Since we were heading east the sun was in our eyes which is not the greatest. The route itself was great. We went through SLU and past my office on Market street. This stretch of Market street is always used for races downtown and that was true today since the Color Run was taking place. It didn’t start until 9am but the streets were already closed off in places. We took full advantage and ran in the street past the color stations. I hung with this fast group pretty well; I stayed in the back of the pack most of the run but didn’t lose the pack. We ran 9-9:15 miles.

I brought two Gus (I’m making Gu plural if that’s not clear–I refuse to be one of those people who add apostrophes to words to make them plural). I took one Gu after mile 5 and washed it down with my diluted Gatorade. Eating these energy gels after a lot of activity is so gross because the texture is so thick and feels extra thick because all you want is water. But I wasn’t hungry before my run and only ate half a Clif bar so I figured I’d need the energy to make it through the run and choked it down.

Just before mile 7 we reached the arch. Most of us slapped it as we passed, because how cool is it to run to and touch a major landmark? Pretty cool.

We headed back to Forest Park. It was now a lot more crowded as people were converging for the Color Run.

We took a slight detour to the Scottrade Center and Union Station to avoid them, then got back on hilly Market St. So many hills. I kept telling myself “the ground is rising to meet your feet” and “it’s going to feel so great once you’re at the top of the hill” and that worked. I didn’t have to stop and walk once on this run. (I was thankful the traffic lights provided a few breaks.)

I only needed to run 9 miles today and the course they planned for us was 13.5ish so I intended to run 9, see how I felt, then either run more or walk back. My Nike+ app stopped giving me verbal mile cues after I used my phone to take the picture so when I finally pulled out my phone to look at the display I was already at nearly 10. I decided to run another (less to walk back) and then stop and walk back, which is exactly what I did. I walked through the lovely Central West End and met a friend.

I did take a shortcut back but still ended up walking half an hour. I’m hoping that helps with my soreness today.

Scheduled mileage: 9 miles
Actual mileage: 11 miles in 1:42:43, a 9:20 pace. I didn’t stop my app a few times when we were stopped at lights, so we probably were a bit faster than this.


Song from my run: “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, Cass Elliot. This song got drilled into my head a couple summers ago when I became obsessed with LOST and would watch the series like 8 hours a day on the weekends. Love this song.


When I got to my car I drank this.

I love Gatorade products but these are terrible, despite being loaded with sugar. It tastes like medicine. The only reason I have it is Tracy is a coupon ninja and got two for free at Kroger but it had to be a certain size and this flavor was the only option. Other flavors might be ok but Tropical Orange, never again!


2 responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 6

  1. I just love your blog, and I especially loved it today. What book were you reading on the treadmill? So glad you don’t used apostrophes for plurals! Never!!!

    • I was reading The Tattooed Girl, the book you left here, but it’s going so slow I’m only able to stay awake and read it when I’m exercising. 🙂 And I’m sorry to say I ditched it yesterday in favor of starting Orange is the New Black, which is much more of a page turner.

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