Salsa Sunday

After my long run Sunday, I made a few things.

The first thing I started was Italian Beef. I got this recipe from a guy I haven’t seen since high school (thanks Facebook!).

Italian Beef

3lb round bottom roast
Italian dressing mix packet
two cans of beef broth
half a bottle of pepperoncini peppers

I’d the peppers entirely if you can’t handle spicy. I love spicy food and this is almost too much for me, someone who can eat 15 Papa John’s pepperoncini peppers in one sitting. I think the difference is this makes the whole sandwich spicy rather than just a bite of pepper.

Put in crockpot. Cook 6-8 hours on low. Shred the beef towards the end (should be pretty easy to do or it’s not done) with two forks in the crock pot and let it cook a bit more. Done.

After about an hour.

Finished; about seven hours later.

Told you I liked pepperoncinis. 🙂 I also added provolone cheese to the sandwiches which tasted great in addition to helping everything stick together. By the way, we joined Costco yesterday and these pretzel rolls already justify the membership. So good.

Then I started on a couple tomatillo salsa recipes I found on Pinterest.

Salsa Verde


I only used one jalapeño since it was so big, but I’d probably use less if I made this again. My nose is still running from the spiciness.

Pretty tasty, but this next recipe was much better.

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

I ended up using three avocados and some extra cilantro and lime juice to ensure this one wouldn’t be too spicy. Success!

This seemed more like a guacamole rather than a salsa but it was so delicious I’m not complaining.

Both salsas in a salsa-off which the avocado one easily won.



4 responses to “Salsa Sunday

  1. Wow, good cooking! And I always get a few chuckles when I read your posts. Still haven’t figured out how to find your replies to my replies, though–if they exist!

  2. Thanks for the plug 🙂 And I love Italian Beef, too!

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