Fun in Madison

We arrived on Friday and stopped on State street for bubble tea. Love me some bubble tea. This is almond honey.


Then we hung out at Erica and Jesse’s for a while before heading back downtown for what was supposed to be an outdoor music festival but ended up being indoors and felt a bit like a wedding reception. So, we left and went bar hopping.

We started at Essen Haus, known for beer in boots.


Erica and I were intimidated by these so we split one. The lady next to us gave us a tip that you need to drink with the boot facing to the side so it doesn’t spill on you.



This place was German and cute.



We only stayed here for the one boot. As Erica and I walked to the next place we decided it would be great to open a bar that only served drinks in unusual shapes like boots.

The Capitol is very pretty, but especially at night.


Then Erica and I went to the Tornado Steakhouse, which for some reason didn’t serve their drinks in boots. They did have a cool Mad Men-esque vibe, though.



They had my favorite Madison beer, New Glarus Spotted Cow, on draft. Yay!


We ended up staying out much later than planned and nearly missed the last bus around 11pm. But we made it and continued our 5k carb loading by eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of the box.


Saturday Erica and I ran our Color Me Rad 5k then went back to her house to wait for our SLU friends to arrive with their families. And we ordered pizza from a place called Glass Nickel that had unusual topping options like tater tots!


It was pretty good.

The SLU girls are reunited!

Michelle, Melanie/Stella, Erica, and me.

I ended up with a lot of photos of me and my friends’ babies, but just that one with them.

Me and Melanie/Andrew’s daughter Stella, before she began crying hysterically.

Me and Erica/Jesse’s son Sam, who has no need for clothes.

Me and Michelle/Josh’s son Ethan, who enjoyed making faces at me as I read to him.

Me and Michelle/Josh’s daughter Emma, who is outgoing and hilarious and loves her some babies.

Sunday we went to the Taste of Madison, which had samples of foods from various restaurants for $2-$4 and wasn’t nearly as crowded and hot as something similar in St. Louis would be.

Fried pickles are the greatest.

This place served little rolls stuffed with stuff. We got the cheesesteak one and it was tasty. Much neater than a sandwich because it was in a roll.

I can be a little corny sometimes.

This place served empanadas with a delicious cilantro sauce.

We got one made with beef and one made with plantains and garlic. Tasty.


Erica and I were in a real pickle!


White cheddar cheese curds. One of the best things about Wisconsin.

Bacon on a stick! I couldn’t eat it all though. So heavy.

Mango Italian ice bookended an afternoon of eating.

Then Jesse and Tracy dropped Erica and I off at the lake and we went paddle boarding!



I couldn’t take any photos of us looking extremely awesome and professional while paddle boarding, but this last one is some people in the distance doing it. Basically you’re standing on a surfboard style of board and you use a single paddle to propel yourself as you stand on the board. It took some getting used to at the beginning but we caught on pretty quickly. We probably spent a couple hours in the bay before we realized we were allowed to paddle under the railroad tracks to the much larger lake. We did that and were among many other kayakers, paddle boarders, and boaters. The boaters created some wake that made the boarding more challenging. I nearly fell off once but was able to get to a sitting position before that happened. I jumped in the lake several other times. It was a hot day and it felt great. It did not feel so great to feel algae on my legs like it was attacking me, so I climbed back on the board pretty quickly after that.

On the way back to E and J’s we hit the grocery store and I was thrilled to find these:

Cotton candy grapes! I’d read about these on some other running blogs but have never seen them in the store and was just telling Tracy and Erica about them the other day. They actually do taste like cotton candy…so weird but so good!

All in all, a wonderful weekend seeing a lot of great people and consuming a lot of delicious calories!


2 responses to “Fun in Madison

  1. Good one! Did Tracy mostly relax at Erica’s? I need one of those T shirts! Mom

    • She relaxed on Friday night, hung out with Jesse watching football and driving by the university while we paddle boarded, and the rest of the time she was there but not in the photos.

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