Color Me Rad 5k in Madison 8/31/13

We’re in Madison visiting Erica and Jesse. This morning Erica and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k. I’ve never done one of these color runs before but was excited to experience it.

You wear a white t-shirt to the race. I don’t have many white shirts I’m comfortable getting dirty (colored?) so I ended up wearing this gem from La Quinta hotel.


In case it wasn’t clear, this race is Rad.


Erica and I are ready!


And Sam is ready as well.


They had a creepy Donnie Darko-esque bunny at the start. He just got nailed in the junk with a color bomb.


We signed up for the 9:20 wave but there seemed to be no sort of organization by times. We just got in line and eventually got to the corral by 9:25ish.


When we got moving Erica and I were talking and then unexpectedly got hit by a guy with a bunch of orange powder that appeared to be coming out of a fire extinguisher. A bunch got in my mouth, so we were off to a great start!
The race was through a giant field and we were running on grass a lot of the time. We’d run for a while in the field and then come to a color station like this.


Action shot!


It was a little odd to be winding back and forth in this field.


The guy on the right is wearing a horse head and galloping. Of course.


Color bombs everywhere!


The color station.


At the end they encouraged everyone to go to the middle and they released a ton of color bombs. We decided to watch from afar because we were plenty messy already.








5 responses to “Color Me Rad 5k in Madison 8/31/13

  1. Love this! Interesting and cute–you, Erica, Sam, and the shirts! At least in the pictures, your T-shirt looks like a nice batik or something. This reminds me of a holiday they have in India. Everybody attacks everybody else with colors. I think it’s called denali or something, maybe. I saw Tom Bik at the Farmer’s Market. He said to say hi to you. Do you even remember him? Anyway, you have some fans in Carbondale–besides me and Tony! Have fun

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  3. You have a friend here in PR Florida, too! Actually more than just me. 🙂 Nice blog, Nora!
    BTW – Did you know that Kathy & I lived in Madison for a year? Long ago 1968-69. One vivid memory I have is of watching the moon landing on my TV in Madison – July 20, 1969.
    Did you get to explore the area? xoxoxo Aline

    • I think I did know that. We did a pretty good amount of exploring–I actually did another post detailing the things we did. It’s a nice city!

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