Trip to Carbondale

I took a quick trip to Carbondale on Friday to see my mom, who’s been wanting to take me out for a belated birthday dinner. I left work around noon and stopped at the new Subway on Jefferson by 44 on the way out of town. Subway is a guilty pleasure of mine. I always get the foot long veggie delite with extra cheese. I’m not sure why I love a pile of veggies on bread so much, but I do.

Anyway, this Subway is new and has a drive thru with a touch screen!

My favorite line is “place your order and have fun!” Oh, I had fun. I actually did love how specific you can get on the touch screen–indicating you want more or less of an ingredient. And the best part is you never have to interact with a human to get that across! They made my sandwich as I specified and I was happy. I’ll be back.

I got to Carbondale and that evening we went to 17th Street Bar & Grill. 17th Street is a pretty well known barbecue restaurant in Murphysboro, IL, which is a small town next to Carbondale. My mom pointed out that Tony and I were dressed alike, so she took our picture.

Then I realized my mom also had a blue and white shirt on so we took a picture together.

I was happy to see 17th Street had their own beer on tap, so I got the Amber Ale.

Then we got fried pickles. Pickles in any form are a favorite of mine but I especially love fried.

We also got hot links with pimento cheese. I thought pimento cheese was just a southern thing but it’s gotten at least as far north as Illinois.

Tony ordered a whole pig. Actually, this is just a pound of pork shoulder, but wow that’s a lot of meat.

My mom got a pulled pork sandwich which I initially made fun of her for since it seemed so simple but it ended up being giant.

I got ribs and brisket with greens and fries.

I also got another local beer, Kinkaid Wheat from Big Muddy Brewing. Pretty tasty.

Quick story. I know one person who lives in Murphysboro, my friend Missy I haven’t seen since we went to SLU together. I knew she was out of town so I wouldn’t see her but before we got to the restaurant I thought to myself “what if I see her husband at 17th Street and I catch him having an affair?” I don’t know why I think these things; I have absolutely no reason to believe he’d have an affair. I don’t even know him. Well, we’re enjoying dinner and this guy walks in and sits at the bar:

It’s Missy’s husband! Thankfully I was only half right as he was there alone. I didn’t talk to him because I didn’t want to seem weird. Instead I did the totally normal thing and took his picture when he wasn’t paying attention and asked his wife if it was him. It was.

Anyway, after we ate as much food as we could we left. I thought we looked like a family on vacation in our matching shirts so I had a waitress take our picture.

And one more of my mom under a cute sign, trying to look mean.


Today’s my last day of rest. Tomorrow I run!


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  1. Good one! Funny too!

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