Half Marathon Training – Week 2

I was still sore after my 9 mile run on Sunday. I’d prefer to not run at all the day after my long run, but my Monday group runs at Big River are really fun, so I’m going to keep running Sunday and Monday. And I reminded myself sometimes moving when sore is actually helpful, so I decided to not push to keep up with the really fast runners in the group. Instead, I’d run easy and focus on shaking out my legs. The slower pace felt great on my lungs as I was having no problem breathing through the exertion. My legs did feel like they were being smashed into the concrete, but that sensation subsided as I went along. I tried not to look at my phone for my pace so I wouldn’t be tempted to push myself and at the end was happy to discover that my easy run still netted me a 9:23 pace.

Scheduled mileage: 4 miles
Actual mileage: 4.18 in 39:15

Song from my run: “Lola’s Theme”, by Shapeshifters


As I mentioned in my Hall of Fame Place post, I skipped Zumba and just did my scheduled 3 mile run. Legs sore; lungs good.

Song from my run: “Catch My Breath”, by Kelly Clarkson (I always end up with songs about breathing during my runs)


Scheduled mileage: 3 miles
Actual mileage: 3.54 in 33:02; 9:18 pace


A break from running! But not a break from working out my legs as I went to my PiYo class instead. I’ve been to about four of these classes now and I see some definite improvement. When we did push ups I did all eight in a row without stopping or balancing on my knees. But there’s still some sequences that give me trouble. At the beginning of class we do a move where we lunge, lift the previously lunged leg in front of us, then squat on the leg supporting our weight while crossing the other leg over our knee. This makes the leg supporting my weight, specifically my calf, feel like it has been set on fire. I skipped a rep or two to give my leg a breather. I’m amazed that as much as I run there are still movements my legs cannot yet do, but it makes me happy knowing this exercise will make me more well rounded.


I moved my long run to Thursday. It felt great outside, and I loved enjoying the peacefulness of Forest Park.


I ran on the outer path of Forest Park. Sometime around mile 2 I began craving the banana I had in my car, leftover from my lunch. Like the type of craving I normally reserve for chocolate or pizza. I’ve experienced this before with pineapple. It’s so bizarre–my mind becomes so fixated on devouring this fruit that it’s hard to think of anything else. I was wishing I’d run with the banana, which would have been humorous. So to get my mind off the banana, I decided to latch on to this guy, who seemed to be keeping a 9:00ish mile pace.


My pacer was very helpful for a mile or so, then around mile 5 I decided to take the left path and he took the right, so I was back on my own for the last half mile.


First order of business when I got back to my car. Best banana I’ve ever eaten.


Song from my run: “Here Comes Your Man”, by Pixies

This song reminds me of college. I heard Guster cover this at The Pageant and became obsessed with it shortly after. Fun fact, John Mayer opened that show and I also became obsessed with him during that time. (That obsession has come to an abrupt halt as he’s revealed his personality in the media.)

Scheduled mileage: 5 miles
Actual mileage: 5.5 in 50:01; 9:02 pace


The reason I switched my long run to Thursday is because I had a 5k on Saturday, the 5Kimmswick.


Song from my run: “In the Blood”, by Better Than Ezra

I was a big fan of them in high school but didn’t get a chance to see them live until college, when I saw them three different times, all free. My friend Erica and I joked that we’d never pay to see them and so far that’s held true.

Scheduled mileage: 3 miles
Actual mileage: 3.1 in 25:36; 8:15 pace


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